Pelican PlayStation 3 AfterGlow Controllers Preview

To open the New Year, Pelican is giving IGN a look at the company's upcoming AfterGlow controllers for the PlayStation 3. The controllers are the latest iteration of the AfterGlow line that was popular on the PlayStation 2.

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Jazy784033d ago

Wait, so they aren't wireless?

niall774033d ago

and also 3rd party controlers FTL.

EHILL4033d ago

IS that a little house I spot for the PS button? Soooo cute!
I'll pick a couple of these up for my R-tarded friends who drink to much and magically think the controller is suppose to be thrown threw the window.
I'll keep the Sony ones for myself.

rofldings4033d ago

wtf wired controllers? They better cost $5 if they want to sell them.

fopums4033d ago

yes its cheap but no sixaxis, its wired and its going to be competeing with DS3? bah, niffty lights aside I cant see a reason to get these, I had a decent mad catz controller that lasted a while with my PS2, but I think this new generation dosent have room for gimmicky controlers IMO.

I'll spend the extra money and get the namebrand stuff

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