Gamer Euphoria -The Sun: Terroists Use Call of Duty To Plan Attacks – A Gamers Rebuttal

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''The Sun newspaper has long been the bastion of bulls**t – but they have some how managed to up their game.

Today The Sun have revealed the results of their ‘investigation’, which translates as they paid a paranoid individual to play Call of Duty, and you might be not surprised at all at their findings. Apparently (this being a key term as much like most of their stories they have no proof of their reports what so ever) terrorists are using popular first person shooters as training grounds for their evil deeds.''

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AndyWilliams243506d ago

A very nice rebuttal you have there Sean. Nice read.

Doesn't surprise me on The Suns part, though. They're somewhat infamous for this sort of thing.

GamerEuphoria3506d ago

The Sun is the greatest troll in the world.

Best in the world.

Ron_Danger3506d ago

No guys... It's true...

I heard about a planned terrorist attack where they all start by firing grenade launchers and throwing knives randomly... Then one will turn around and fire a rocket at a bunch of his own men, which will then make a bunch of other terrorist get mad and quit...


milohighclub3506d ago

Hahahahahahahanahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahah

Why hasn't this paper been shut down? All they do is lie, discriminate and bully whoever they feel fit.