Activision: combating Call of Duty cheaters is a "struggle"


Activision has admitted that combating Call of Duty cheaters is a "struggle" - but it refuses to wield too heavy a hand when it comes to banning players.

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Not only cheaters are an issue them haters might be another group to focus on....I'm just saying because there are a lot of people who hate CoD. Looks fun to me just not my cup of tea but I don't hate it by any means either.

Baka-akaB2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

As said multiple times , the way i see it , people like me who can't stand cod anymore should rejoice at its success .

It's either CoD remains on top , or its "pernicious effects" , and its fanbase , will bleed onto every other fps vying for the crown .

Enough games are already copying enough cod elements as is , we dont need a rush from every devs to do so .

JonahNL2401d ago

How about using a new engine that at the very least delays wallhacks and aimbots? I've seen hacks from MW2 that were almost instantly usable in MW3. It's un-friggin'-believable.

koh2401d ago

Maybe if they quit milking 10 year old's for all their parents money by releasing a "new game" every year they would find the time to make the game operate the way it should.

Series_IIa2401d ago

BF3 had pretty advanced aimbots floating around on day one of the beta and that was a brand spanking new engine

Skate-AK2401d ago

Because it was a BETA. The measures to detect something like that probabaly wern't implemented yet.

GraveLord2401d ago

How about playing on console?
No hacks in the newest COD games. At least not on PS3.

Fishy Fingers2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I've played about 35 hours of MW3 on the 360, about the same on PC, maybe had one or two games with someone you might consider to be "cheating". No aimbots or whatever.

To be honest I'd say COD is no worse than any other online game (PC) I've played, it's just the sheer player count means you get more bad eggs.

Ducky2401d ago

The killcam might be another thing.

In CoD, it's usually easy to tell someone who's hacking because the killcam shows it. While in other games, I can't tell as quickly if someone is just skilled or uber hax.

AtomicGerbil2401d ago

With the obscene amount of money that CoD generates, I really don't understand how difficult it can be to deal with this problem, be it independent advice or relevant expert staff. Even just getting trigger happy with the ban hammer, ok they may lose a few thousand sales as a result but let's face it, those kind of numbers won't make a dent.

BlackPrince 422401d ago

I don't understand why people cheat in online games.

Cheating on tests, I get, Cheating on wives, I get. Cheating for money, makes total sense.

But what's the point in cheating to win an online match? You don't gain anything from it and you certainly aren't fooling anyone else into thinking your a good player.

I suppose griefing is fun, but that's a short lived kind of fun. The "fun" part is the competitiveness of online games, the chance that you might win or lose. If you win all the time because you're cheating all the time then victories become hollow and it ceases to be fun.

Or at least that's how I feel.

_Q_2401d ago

What you are feeling is sportsmanship. Some people just arent built with those sort of values.. It sucks.

f7897902401d ago

Griefing is definitely fun (and makes me and others jerks) but it's also short lived. I have yet to understand why people will spend hours playing with aimbot. It's like playing the campaign on easy. Incredibly boring.

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