Really real and wearable Halo 3 Recon helmet

Xbox 360 Fanby writes:

Earning the uber l33t Halo 3 Recon Armor from the filthy clutches of Bungie is no easy feat. You must make some sort of community contribution or find a new and adventurous way of killing yourself in-game. Simply put, Recon Armor is cool, but nearly impossible to obtain and that's exactly why Belakor over at the 405th Forums created his own.

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wil4hire4037d ago

this is a good idea for a desk.. but not to wear. You will look like a total douchebag.

Panthers4036d ago

You will look like a douche bag anyways...

kalistyles4037d ago

there are a few Halo geeks that would wear this while playing.

TrevorPhillips4037d ago

who ever wears this helmet on the streets will get bashed straight away people will come out of nowhere start hitting them

moujahed4037d ago

Once your XBL shuts down again you can continue to battle OFFLINE!!!!

How lame.


xbox 360 owners have plenty of games to play on and offline
what are you gonna do - go play through uncharted again for another 6 hours? :(

AdolfBinBush4037d ago

dont wear it, if you do ur asking for trouble..

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