Kingdoms of Amalur: Legend of Dead Kel DLC Review

Sticky Trigger Entertainment writes; "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a true throwback to the heyday of fantasy RPG’s; a lore rich world of adventure, a colourful yet dark fantasy universe and most of all, tons of great quests to partake in. But what to do when you conquer the land and crave more? Well Big Huge Games have the answer to that, with the first DLC for the acclaimed title in The Legend of Dead Kel! But can Dead Kel add true quality onto the Reckoning adventure? Or is it simply a quest thrown in for good measure? Well we have the answer to that one…"

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Bebedora2402d ago


I liked what the reviewer said.

I am almost 90hrs way in in the original campaign. This might be on my ps3 soon.