The Orange Box (PS3): Report your issues to Valve

Valve have opened a thread on the Steam forum for issues on the PS3 version of The Orange Box.

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monkey6024036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

My problem is that I dont have the game. See if they fix that one

EDIT: A harmless joke and still disagreed with. TYPICAL!

Jinxstar4035d ago

Too True I dont see the point in buying it. Supporting people who don't support your choice in games is bad... Thats like paying for a lap dance and having the girl puke on you in the mean time, while your friend got a hotter one thats not piss drunk... Maybe a bad analogy but I cant think of a better one.

myxomatosis4035d ago

is really that big of a deal? does it wreck your social life? will your friends find out about it? will you be fired from your job? i hope i get a million disagrees, and even then i wont add something like


shut up.

monkey6024035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

That comment was excellent. had me laughing anyway. So deserving of bubbles!

EDIT: above me. Yeah I couldnt give two F**ks about people disagreeing with me I'm just highlighting the spineless little [email protected] that disagree over nothing. Also by your logic I shouldnt give a Sh!te about your reply and you should care about my original post therefore your point is flawed if you got annoyed enough to reply like that you clearly care more than you pretend to.

no you shut up!


GlossGreen4036d ago

in that boat too. However, I do have it in the mail now.

Vertius4036d ago

I registered at their forum to add my problems with the PS3 Orange Box, activated my account, and have to wait until an Admin/Mod approves my account.

Grr! I want to moan, complain, and berate! :P

EZCheez4036d ago

But in the end when I actually had this game in my hand and was about to buy it, the boxart turned me off. It looked so bland. I know that's a silly reason and I also know it's a great game, but that's the honest truth.

Whoever designed the boxart should be fired on the spot for designing some of the dullest boxart ever made.

monkey6024036d ago

I agree completely the box art sucks!

Vertius4036d ago

I agree. Even if they had the Lambda, Portal, and Team Fortress symbols on three sides of a plain orange box, it'd be better.

It didn't sway my purchase, though. It's what inside that counts. :)

monkey6024036d ago

And if what is inside makes you want to "moan, complain, and berate!" that cant be a good thing!

Boink4036d ago

that's gonna be one busy forum, the ps3 version of this game is just broken, plain and simple.

Lucreto4036d ago

The only thing that is broken is Team Fortress I get kicked out of every match after 5 minutes.

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The story is too old to be commented.