Sony 3mm Thick OLED TV - Video

Enjoy video of Sony's 3mm OLED TV

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undacovabrothe4033d ago

If its so easy to manufacture why does it cost around 2k for a 11" tv screen. Ill stick with LCD for around 5 more years.

Doppy4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I was wondering the same thing. Easy to manufacture means $1000 for a 50" not $2000 for a computer monitor.

Anyway I thought I heard the guy say this screen can be used on clothes. If that's true we can count on Japan to have people walking around watching their favorite TV shoes on their shirt.

mintaro4033d ago

*sigh* why do you taunt me sony, showing me such a wonderful tv, but than dashing my hopes by giving it such a high price tag

ratcha4033d ago

c'mon people, let's use common sence:
New tech = more expensive.

Anyway, answer this question: why can you buy a bottle of soda (20oz) for
$1.25 and you can buy a pack for about the same price. Does it make sence?

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