Nvidia GTX 680 price now set at $499

Fudzilla : You might have remember that we said the GTX 680 price wasn't carved in stone and could be easily changed. Today it looks like Nvidia did just that. The new price that partners recieved this morning is $499.

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Red_eyes_Gremlin2499d ago

I have the money , Just waiting 4 release here where i live then i will by it 1st day

Boody-Bandit2499d ago

Waiting on the GTX 690. I'm interested to see comparisons between it and my 590's. I wouldn't get one. My 590's are all the power I need for now. By the time I upgrade again a single card card solution will probably out perform my dual 590's.

LightofDarkness2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Same price as GTX 580, pretty much. Hopefully the 7970 will now drop to about $399 or less. I won't be buying, though. I already have a GTX 580 and I have not been left wanting in terms of performance in any game.

lsujester2499d ago

Same here. I found a GTX 580 for around $350, and have plenty of power for now. By the time this thing is too slow, they'll be things better than a 680.

NYC_Gamer2499d ago

I need this upgrade since i'm only rolling with one 570

LightofDarkness2499d ago

May I ask why? Unless you're planning to go multi-monitor and 3D vision, I can't see the need for this part until something far more taxing comes along (UE4 games).

NYC_Gamer2499d ago

The new supposed features of the 680 caught my eye

arjman2499d ago

No you don't, it's not like you're running an 8800 in your rig

bumnut2499d ago

I think he means he WANTS this upgrade :)

I do see his point though, a 570 struggles when you max some games. I have 2 570's but want to go back to single card gaming, too much noise and heat with sli!

ginsunuva2499d ago

I need this upgrade since I'm rolling with one 280

ATi_Elite2499d ago

just buy another GTX570! then you will have more power than one GTX680!!

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kevnb2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

and a bunch of 500 series cards will go on craigs list for cheap :) i love people who upgrade for no reason.

ATi_Elite2499d ago

Me Too!

When the HD7000 came out i dumped my 2 HD5850 and got 2 HD6950 for $400! Unlocked them both to HD6970 and now i got more power than a HD7970!

My GTX560ti 1000mhz SLI is on par with a GTX680 so no need to upgrade that!

New Cards are lovely but I rather have the same power or more and save some cash for games!

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