Mass Effect 3′s Ending Was A Disgrace, And Here’s Why [eGamer]

An eGamer journalist discusses the ending of Mass Effect 3 in-depth and explains why it was a major disservice to fans.

Furthermore, the article addresses the important issue of whether or not the ending was enough to ruin everything else in the game.

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F7U122428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I guess beating a dead horse with a stick is considered news these days.

Nate-Dog2428d ago

In fairness this is a long and well-written article from what I have read of it. I know the amount of articles on the ME3 ending the past few weeks has actually been almost amazing but this isn't just repeating everything everyone else has said.

On the topic of it all, I still don't really know what to make of it. I was a bit bewildered by the ending, I haven't been angry at it though and I know I won't ever be because I didn't have great expectations for it in the first place. But the arguments about the plot-holes and other similar issues that spring from the ending(s) are ones I find hard to ignore so I'm partially in agreement with some of those who have issues with the ending.

Do I want it changed? I mean realistically it's not right to call for something like that. This is Bioware's game and series after all, we may be the ones who are playing it and giving them money for it but it's their creation. I'm inclined to agree with some of the theories (arguably the main one) that have come from the ending but I'm still unsure on my stance on the whole matter.

Tody_ZA2428d ago

As the writer of the article, Nate-Dog, I completely agree with you :) I understand that it didn't affect you as much, but I was just really let down because I loved the series so much. I'm not a huge BioWare fanboy by any means, but I always was really fond of Mass Effect.

In all fairness though, the game only came out two weeks ago, so everyone is going to want to have their say on it. That's why you're seeing such a huge amount of Mass Effect 3-related articles. As I mentioned in this article, I would have released mine a week ago but we decided to hold off for after our review and let more people finish the game.

I tried to focus on all issues with the ending, as well as explain the issue of whether the ending ruins everything else or not.

And I agree Nate-Dog, it's not right or realistic to call for a change of ending. A DLC to do that would be stupid, especially since BioWare have the creative right to end ME3 as they want, and we can't possibly pay for that. But that doesn't mean it was a good ending.

I'm perfectly fine with anyone who doesn't mind the ending, but I feel fans deserved more.

Christopher2428d ago

I have come to my own conclusion that the ending was done the way it was for one reason and one reason only: So that future games, of which there will be a few and all will take place prior to the Mass Effect 3 ending, do not conflict with any ending presented in Mass Effect 3.

That's it. The ending was done so that if they made a new game about Kasumi and what she was doing to get materials for the Crucible and getting the Crucible to Earth and yadda yadda yadda, they could write whatever type of ending they wanted without affecting Shepard's ending very easily since nothing substantial was revealed. She could have gotten aid from someone still on Earth during that time, she could have even been on the Citadel before Shepard, she could have done pretty much anything she wanted that didn't involve one of the squad mates you took with you on the final battle.

I do agree that the ending truly wasn't for the fans. It was a business decision.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2428d ago

These countless "news stories" about how the kids hate the ending of this game is a disgrace.

I hate how the internet these days, has a "what's cool to hate on" type of movement, and the majority of the sheep jump on and roll with them.

A game gets picked, and then just ripped apart from it's own success. Last game that this happened to, COD.

Now it's moved on to Mass Effect, and soon will move on to another game that is cool to hate on.

chanmasta2428d ago

Completely agree with you man. I remember when it was the complete opposite; that it was cool to love games on the N64, PS1, etc.
Gaming isn't like it used to be.

TGM2428d ago

Yes yes, "back in the day".

Bobby Kotex2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Regardless if it's right or wrong, the gaming community ended up looking like a bunch of whiny losers. WAAHHHHH! change the ending. And just to pacify you losers, Bioware caved. It's so obvious I'll get all downvotes. The truth hurts.

Christopher2428d ago

The gaming community? Every single person in the gaming community?

Even BioWare recognizes that it's only a part of the community that's being destructive rather than constructive about this. There are a ton of great posts from the community that talk openly about the ending without asking for a change or threatening BioWare in any way, shape, or form. Tons of them.