You Failed the Wii - Support Third Party in 2008

Cinema Blend - By Jonathan Stulce, 2008-01-02:

Have you played Zack and Wiki: Quest for BarBaros' Treasure on the Wii? If the sales numbers are a hint, the chances are you haven't. This is a shame, since the game is solid, and not playing this game is going to wind up hurting the Wii library. In an industry as fast paced as video games, a title has approximately two weeks to prove itself and keep the retailer profitable. Already, Zack and Wiki has been removed from many retailer shelves.

The point is this. Third parties are going to stop creating full fledged adventures if we don't go out and buy them. Capcom are more than deserving of our money with Zack and Wiki...


According to NPD's last sales data, Zack & Wiki sold fewer than 35,000 units, as of the end of November 2007. (See the first Alternative Source.)

Zack & Wiki released in North America on October 23, 2007.

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Darkiewonder4038d ago

such as Zack and Wiki it will be overlooked. then again. what sort of advertisement did Nintendo and Capcom do to really show off the game. Heck what kind of advertisement have they really done?

The most advertisement I've seen from third party are the well established ones. ala Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

JsonHenry4037d ago

Why should we support crap?

joemomma4037d ago

Lol my sentiments exactly.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Most real game developers want to bring their serious games, to be seen as all they can be with the technologies of next gen platforms.

They don't want to make some waggle waggle, mini game. I know people are buying this thing, but it's weird.

It will be interesting what happens with the Wii down the road. I don't think it's for real, but sales keep saying otherwise.

It just shows that Wii really hit mainstream while 360/PS3 stayed with the gaming bunch.

But to me gaming is still the way to go, and it's the only constant. Mainstream fades away and always changes.

BlackIceJoe4038d ago

It is really sad to see great games like Zack and Wiki not sell at all when you have games like High School Musical sell really well.

My sister is a big fan of that movie and she thought the graphics were awful. I for one really had a fun time with Zack and Wiki. It may have looked like it was made for younger kids. But it really was not. I had a few times when I had no clue what to do. So for me at least it is sad to see when a great game does not get the glory it should have got.

TruthbeTold4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

1. Zack and Wiki was not advertised well at all. IGN did more advertising for the game than the developers did. Seeing how the game couldn't have cost much to make, shame on Capcom.

2. Nintendo has allowed too much garbage to be released for the Wii so far. Yes there are hardcore gamers, and yes there are casual gamers, but most people are somewhere between the two extremes. This middle-road group of people are looking for games to buy, but become more and more cautious and conservative with their money after being burned with some P.O.S. game that they trusted would be quality.

3. Good old fashioned word-of-mouth regarding a game like this is often stifled by crap talkers who are outright against the Wii, it's brand of motion control, and anything they put out. How many times I wonder, have people considered this game only to hear the echoing slander against "waggle", and the equating of Wii-gamers to children and grandparents in their heads, and changed their minds?

People who don't own a Wii, or haven't played this game should keep their mouths shut rather than being negative. Haters complain that the Wii will bring about an era of casual gaming at the hardcore gamers expense. While I don't agree with that claim, it boggles my mind to see the same people talking crap about hardcore games, just for the sake of being negative toward the console that is selling more than the one they chose. Pathetic.

v1c1ous4038d ago

is known for spending the advertising money on strippers, hookers, and coke parties.

how else would you explain the relatively nill advertising of Okami, Monster Hunter, Zack + wiki etc...?

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