How testing changed Journey after leaving producer ‘disappointed in mankind’

Want to see the impact testing can have on a game in development? Look no further than PlayStation 3 title Journey, which left producer Robin Hunicke 'disappointed in mankind'

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shammgod2406d ago

Yeah, most popular games these days include destroying or killing something or someone. Maybe it is just natural instinct.

jaosobno2406d ago

There are no natural instincts to act like an asshole, only learned habits.

Most idiots I've meet in my lifetime became idiots because their parents did piss poor job raising them. When parents allow mass media to raise their children, this is what you get.

Chevalier2405d ago

That does happen a lot, but, I've met some idiots who have the nicest parents and it really makes you wonder.

RedDead2406d ago

Humans do tend to battle when given the chance...

MariaHelFutura2406d ago

Most of the comment sections of N4G would be a great example.

SnakeCQC2406d ago

lol maybe he shouldn't have started with such high expectations

Hicken2406d ago

It's kinda sad. But it's also one of those things that gets done just because it CAN get done.There are no real-world ramifications, no real negatives for doing so, so people are more inclined to take such actions. I admit, even I probably would have done so a couple of times.

In the end, I'm glad they removed that ability. I don't think the game would have been as amazing with it.

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