V3 Salvo – A Game Challenger

Gamers will surely find reasons to smile about with V3’s Salvo Gaming PC, a budget friendly, gaming performance enhanced rig which delivers strong points in the PC gaming arena.

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Ulf2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

This rig is not worth the money, IMO.

Get at least an i5, and get a GTX 560 (or better) or an AMD 6770 (or better, like any 68xx card). The i3 and GTX 550 Ti are way, way worse than the price difference suggests. The i5 and 560 (or 6770) are much much better performance for your $$.

The tiny caches on the i3s, the lower clock, the fewer cores, etc. makes i3s pretty weak processors. The i5 is basically an i7, with a somewhat smaller cache, and slightly lower clock -- a much better value for the investment. Similarly, the 550 Ti is not even close to being a match for the standard 560, let alone the 560 Ti. The performance difference here will severely affect your rig, all by itself -- if you can only choose one better component, make it the GPU.

The improvements I'm suggesting might yield a ~$100 increase (~15%) in the price... but the performance increase would be like 35% or more.

kevnb2399d ago

" 125.7 frames per second for most games"

lol, who writes stuff like that?