Dark Souls Announcement Could Be PC Reveal

"Yesterday the Dark Souls Facebook group teased that an announcement was coming.

The announcement would be made when the wall moved aside, which was accomplished by ‘liking’ the Facebook page and spreading it around with your friends.

However thanks to a little photograph that has appeared on the internet suggests that it could well be an announcement about a PC release for the title."

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h311rais3r2499d ago

Hopefully. And to console whiners saying screw pc gamers we want dlc! How about a pc version that has added content that console owners get as free dlc? That way everyone is happy...

I just hope for a pc version. I have it on ps3 but a pc version I'd buy again!

Captain Qwark 92499d ago

this would be a nice route to go. but i honestly just want some more content for the console version or even an expansion of sorts like they do with armored core

Saladfax2499d ago

Yeah... I'd buy it again, too, if only to support those guys and further support PC versions of great games.

I'd probably even buy a less-than stellar port, though I'd hope they wouldn't do such a thing. Whatever, as long as it's on Steam :3

garos822499d ago

I wouldn't mind a pc version although I'm a console gamer.reason being is such that a company like from software DESERVES all the money they can get.i whole heartedly hope lots of money heads their way as they deserve it.
Oh and i welcome dlc too (i don't say that often!)

kevnb2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

im sure it is a pc version, they have been teasing it for weeks now. Its effective pr, rumours lead to excitement.

Letros2499d ago


Namco Rep sure makes it sound like it is.

"Thank you (You want to make me blush ? ) but it is more accurate to say that we all did it together."

AusRogo2499d ago

I tried playing this game, and man I fucking suck

Luc202499d ago

So how many copies have they sold on PS3 and X360?

Captain Qwark 92499d ago

not nearly enough. if skyrim and cod can sell millions then this deserves double, its a better game in every way imo.

Luc202499d ago

But this is a more demandinag game than skyrim or cod and it had no advertising. I do agree though - demon souls and dark souls are amy fav games this gen.