Is Fatal Frame 4 Horrifying Or Just Horrible?

Kotaku writes: While Fatal Frame spin-off, Spirit Camera: The Hidden Memoir will be coming to 3DS next month, one major iteration of the series remains a Japan-only title. Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was released on the Wii back in 2008 and shows no signs of ever leaving its haunted homeland even now. But is the West just missing out on a derivative sequel, or has No More Heroes director Goichi Suda developed a tale as original as it is terrifying?

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waltyftm3029d ago

I wish they would release a HD collection of these on the PS3, loved the first 2 on Xbox, add in move support and they can have my money now.

Venox20083029d ago

Fatal Frame IV is awesome game, I've finished a couple weeks ago's scary

Moncole3029d ago

Fatal Frame on the Wii U will be great

TheColbertinator3029d ago

Fatal Frame is my favorite horror series,I just want to play it on HD or on the Wii.Damn it Nintendo release it here.

LoaMcLoa3029d ago

You could import it and use the patch ;)

TheColbertinator3029d ago

Yeah I've heard of it but I always wanted an English copy.