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Console based FPS multiplayer has long seen a shift from twitch-reaction, fast-paced arena shooters to the more realistic and measured military games that dominate servers today. So, it is with a combination of nostalgia, curiosity and bewilderment that Nexuiz (pronounced ‘nexus’) is unleashed upon console gamers through XBLA and, in the near future, the PSN. A retooling of the free 2005 PC game, now referred to as Nexuiz Classic, the Illfonic developed remake comes to consoles with a new coat of paint, new engine and new price tag.

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Baka-akaB3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Part of the review and the score makes no sense to me .

How can it be generic in a sea of military past and modern shooters and with an heavy and multiple years long drought of twitch shooters ?

TF2 is mentioned but isnt nearly enough of the same genre to count . And among the few cases available , how many even bother using something as gorgeous as the CRy engine ?

There hasnt been a proper arena shooter since the last unreal tournament wich sucked anyway . So nothing good under the teeth since well the days of previous UT games and Q3 .