Uncharted Fjord? PlayStation Norway reveal tomorrow

VG247: Whats began with a tease from the Facebook page of PlayStation Norway has led to a splash page that likely has Uncharted connected to it.

ardivt4269d ago

I hope it's a new full uncharted title for ps3. I don't like the idea of something like singleplayer dlc fo a game like uncharted 3

jony_dols4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

I hedging my bets on an Uncharted Golden Abyss single player DLC (like what Eidos used to do with the old Tomb Raider games), with the possibility of a multiplayer component.

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ginsunuva4268d ago

No not for ps3. Save it for the next gen when our eyes will be melted by naughty dog's new magic.

It should be golden abyss or uc3 addon like others said.

Mykky4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

This guy is called Fridtjof Nansen and you can read about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Also "uutforsket" is the Norwegian word for Uncharted.

As I am from Norway It would be awesome if the setting was in Norway!

Mykky4269d ago

EDIT: Well it also means Unexplored..

sasmanator4269d ago

I wonder if it will be a downloadable title like InFamous 2: Festival of blood?

I'm open to that.

Maybe it will be with young sully?

NukaCola4269d ago

I would dig that. With UC3 and Golden Abyss just out and ND working on Last of Us, I wouldn't think a brand new title would be in the works for release. But I may be wrong.

I would love a Co-Op or MP mode for Golden Abyss. If they have single player DLC coming, I want some back story to UC3. The reason for the rings, how they met Charlie, etc.


Rolling the Dice: Do Modern RPGs Miss the Point of Team-Based Play?

It seems it was long time ago. A bunch of friends spending hours on end playing RPG games, sitting around the table with the box of cold pizza. Excited about the story, listening to the Game Master, they were completely engaged in the worlds only visible to them and their imaginations.

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Takwin2475d ago

The GM is the programmer, and in MMOs and co-ops, you can play with others. If you want to ONLY use your imagination for the visuals, read a book.


Record of Agarest War 2 announced for PS3

Scrawl: "Looks like we know how that new Compile Heart countdown is going to end. The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that Agarest Senki 2, known as Record of Agarest War 2 in the US, is Compile Heart’s newest title."

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Godmars2904920d ago

1) Hope they put it on disc this time.
2) Hope this is a positive for Neptune coming over as well.

Demons Souls4920d ago

If so, that's being developed & published by Idea Factory. Compile Heart has nothing to do with it (Thank God for that).

Godmars2904920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

Thought Compile Heart was one of the companies lending characters.

Was also speaking in general as in regards to a US of Neptune. If these guys are offing a second game, NIS or Atlus, both of whom offer quirkier titles, will put that one out.

My issue isn't - wholly - with the DL-only option, but the price. The first game should be $30. Maybe $40, and by that I mean $39.99. The only reason its $45 is the 360 disc version which has extras. Nevermind that by all rights its a PS2 game. Something that proabbly could have been done if the devs had the GOW2 engine or tools.

ClownBelt4920d ago

I approve of this god damn message.

Could have gotten my 60 bucks if they just put it on a disc.

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Tripl3seis4920d ago

Another exclusive damnn the ps3 keeps on rollin wit games awesome ;)

Jack-Pyro4920d ago

Is this a half decent SRPG, porn aside, cause if it is, i might just decide to go and buy it for the 360.

Anon73494920d ago

There's no porn just some sexual innuendos but that's it.

Also it is a great game by itself, maybe not graphically but everything else is top tier.

RedDevils4920d ago

so it had some kind of "top tier" porn story jk

ThanatosDMC4920d ago

Yup, it's a decent game. I just hate that a move has to go first before any attack options.