Tony Hawk Needed to Push Activision for the Series’ Reboot

It is no secret that the once praised Tony Hawk skateboarding series fell from grace over the last few years. The last installment that included a skateboard peripheral left much to be desired and was far from a success.

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Yodagamer3849d ago

Well it is bout time tbh if they brought back the old gameplay with new school graphics and animation systems it would be perfect for me

hellzsupernova3849d ago

i agree so many good childhood memories jsmming out with tony hawk on ps2

YodaCracker3849d ago

I can't even remember the last time I played a good Tony Hawk game. Speaking of skateboarding video games, what ever happened to "Skate"? They were coming out with annual releases and then they just stopped after the third installment...

Hicken3849d ago

I think I'd prefer it if it WEREN'T an annual thing. That's what killed Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, after all. It's some sort of dark miracle that Call of duty hasn't suffered the same fate.

banana4203849d ago

the skate games were not actually making a profit.Imo they just made it to kill of tony hawk,now black box who were making the skate games are making need for speed again.Still hope they bring out a skate 4,maybe at the start of next gen.(would like it now tho)

YodaCracker3849d ago

I agree they shouldn't do annual releases. It's just odd that they stopped when there isn't really any other competition in the skateboarding genre these days.

FinaLXiii3849d ago

Back to square one again lol

Gaming is like Hollywood now with remakes,reboots, things like that for the most part.