Game Guys review - Gotham City Impostors

John Speerbrecker writes:
"We have been been without some intense first person shooters during the role playing months of the first fiscal quarter of the year leaving lacerations on our trigger happy thumbs. With Gotham City Imposters, they are putting a band-aid on that wound. Mostly an online multiplayer game, the team that worked on F.E.A.R. has put together a nice piece of work that will have you finding the time to take out mass armies of your proverbial Gotham City enemies. In this classic fight of good versus evil, You get to play the part of a fanatical zealot who wants to play the part of super hero or villain."

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TheSoundDefense2429d ago

This game sort of snuck up on me. I wonder how similar it is to Team Fortress 2.

Dovahkiin2429d ago

If you haven't yet played it, it's really good. Mixes great elements from other FPS to make a very interesting game.

If you have played it, ignore what i just said.