Funcom Admits Age of Conan Fault, Plans for The Secret World Expansions, And More!

AusGamers recently had a chance to chat to Funcom's Joel Bylos about their forthcoming MMO, The Secret World. The interview covers everything from where they went wrong with The Age of Conan (and how it's been addressed here), expansions, the story-telling future of modern MMOs, Aussie servers and much, much more.

From the interview:

"I’ve seen a lot of the competition and it’s quite funny because I feel like a lot of those guys arrived at the same conclusions that we arrived at when we started to work on this game," he told AusGamers. "So it’s kind of fun to see that this period now, if you like, it’s a buzzword, but the “next gen” MMOs that are coming out this year. People are moving towards this action combat style and people are moving towards this movement during combat. People are focused on allowing people to avoid attacks during combat and really allowing people to sort of slip out of traditional class roles and all that and just expand upon the character."

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