Stupid gaming tattoos that have made me lose my faith in humanity

Getting a tattoo to show how much you love your favourite game is one thing, to get that tattoo wrong is just the pinnacle of failure

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GavinMannion2403d ago

Well the hair one can be hidden so it's level of stupidity drops somewhat and I can't say that pacman one would have me running scared.

Not marriage material but not the worst I've seen

SlickShoes2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

The tattoos are terrible but the guy seems to have a problem with tattoos in general judging by the tone of the piece.

jonboi242403d ago

Ok isn't shoryuken forward, down, down-forward + punch, haha idiot.

Mythicninja2403d ago

It is! That's the hadouken combo on his arm! LMAO I always felt tattoos were stupid anyway

jonboi242403d ago

Actually hadouken is down, down-forward, forward + punch, don't know what the he'll that combination is for. Maybe it's for Seppuku for having such a stupid ass tattoo.

Stansolo2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Silly person,he's properly got a worn game

CrazyRap2403d ago

As far as i know these tattoos are not on your body.
So why are you upset?

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