Gametrailers- Ninja Gaiden 3 review

With no Itagaki, can Team Ninja teach this old franchise new tricks in Ninja Gaiden 3?

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hulk_bash19872499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Even though alot of the negative reviews are leaving me somewhat skeptical about it being better than the last games. I am still looking forward to giving this game a try when I pick up my copy later on today.

Young_ART2499d ago

I've been following this title ever since one of the developers I often associate with via Myspace told me it was in the process of being made. I too have been skeptic, but the only thing I feel is missing is an online multiplayer component. If this game had that, the replay ability would be unlimited.

jc485732499d ago

uh....your wish came true. This game does indeed have multiplayer.

Young_ART2499d ago

competetive multiplayer? like call of duty? how many people can play on each team , and is there vehicles or is it all infantry.

jetlian2499d ago

up to 4 vs 4. of all the vids ive seen it looks nearly the same

jc485732499d ago

I'm not too sure, but there are videos out there. I see like bunch of ninjas killing each other. Yea, kinda like Call of Duty where you go for kills I believe. Yea, you play against other people online.