CES Preview: Huge LCDs, Wireless Dominate Home Entertainment

Wired - By Jose Fermoso, 01.02.08:

Over two years ago, Bill Gates said that the next great tech battle was for the living room, and that the ultimate goal was to create an ecosystem where all of your gadgets "talked" intelligently to each other.

At CES 2008, we'll finally start seeing that vision come to life as various electronic ecosystems begin supporting each other. This year, as the prices for high-definition TVs plummet, the name of the game is high-def: HD content, HD camcorders, HD video streaming over the internet and a host of wireless technologies to support all this HD data.

This article has three short sections:

• TVs
• Networking
• Media Centers

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Darkiewonder4036d ago

Needs more Phones and talk about Wi-fi features. Seems like 2009 everything and anything is going wireless!

TANOD4036d ago

an HD movie on LIVE takes days to get downloaded and all studios would approve MS's download service which is unrealistic and would take off somewhere in the year 2015

Darkiewonder4036d ago

Okay? I support the things I buy. I don't need your little hate on a company spread on me thanks.

Mikey_Gee4036d ago

I DL'd a HD movie in a little over an hour.

Do the world a favour and die.

Mikey_Gee4036d ago

Sharp has out a sh1t kicker 65" 1080p LCD.


Rice4036d ago

Cant wait for the new gizmo's coming out this year, especially those state of the art laptops, i heard about.

heyheyhey4036d ago

hmmm i like the feature that changes the colours to react to light- thats pretty cool also 2GIG PER SECOND- that is mega and could mean ultra fast downloads for all our gaming needs

mintaro4035d ago

i love new gadgets, they always make me giddy :)

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