Ultros in Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Scan

First look at Final Fantasy IV's Ultros in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Godmars2902428d ago

Amazing how many times I've been insulted for saying that this game was fan-service focused.

no_more_heroes2428d ago

And that's a problem? For any game? Or just this one?

Troll-without-Bridge2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

So adding old time favorites to the roster has a negative connotation? Since when?

Godmars2902428d ago

Since this game was suppose to "fix" XIII's problems with XIII. Not just pander to fans.

Eamon2428d ago

HD Ultros. This will be interesting.

Of course, I will only be checking him out on youtube.

Chrono2428d ago

"First look at Final Fantasy IV's Ultros"

Actually he's from FF6.

Blastoise2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

This is lame, why not just think of monsters AS good as the old ones instead of bringing them over? Or better yet just put them in the full game not as DLC.

Redempteur2428d ago

Why can't they bring them over ? the coliseum can take it all .. it doesn't cost much and the fans are happy.

Now give me my lightning dlc ( because i want to know what happenned..because i know she can take on 3 proto bahamuts by herself no probs .. )

HarryMasonHerpderp2428d ago

The fans are happy?
speak for yourself.
Why do you insist on supporting this?
why would you want to pay for things that
should be included in the game in the first place?
You have to pay for the real ending in FFXIII-2
and your happy with this?
Makes me so angry that people support this DLC nonsense,do you not understand your making it worse and worse and by next gen we will be paying for parts of games.

no_more_heroes2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Don't bother, son. They've already decided that they hate anything related to FF XIII and nothing will EVER change that. That's they're opinion and they're fully entitled to it.

Live and let live.

I try to enjoy games for what they are, not for what I think they should be, whether I'm a long time fan or not.

Redempteur2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

i platiniumed FF13-2 .. i spent 62 hours in it and i had a good time. ( if i wanted i could easily spent 10 more hours on it only with getting chocobo titles or perfecting my monsters)

i didn't buy any dlc because i don't care about those.

Now :
-ultros is well received AND awaited on square enix foroms & blogs ( check them before your answer ) even if most are waiting for Lightning dlc
-I don't pay for them since i don't care about this stuff . it doesn't change the fact that those dlc are on the top 10 lists of download on PSN ( US or EU )
Bear in mind that i have 82 monsters in my save ATM and i probably didn't use 80% of them .. ( not counting those i've infused )... so i don't care about some extra monsters in the Don tomberry hit at 40k on average and go easily over 99k with the right conditions...
- I got my answer ( secret ending ) i'm waiting for ff13-3 ..all i want is more backstory playable since all the answers ARE ALREADY in the datalog... And the lightning dlc is clearly something they are creating ATM ( unlike sahz ) not some cut content from the disc

i suppose it's shame on me for enjoying a game i've bought..
i'm certainly worse than all those people bitching ATM for their mass effect 3 real ending dlc..

Be angry all you want , i had fun with this game .... i don't care

HarryMasonHerpderp2428d ago

Yeah that's great im glad you enjoyed
the game im just not sure what any of that has
to do with buying crap DLC and supporting it
when it should of already been included in the game?
I think you are mistaking me to just be hating
on it because its FFXIII?
If this crap was produced for FFVII I would still hate this kind of DLC.
Can you not see that it`s bad for us in the long run?
Can you imagine paying for this stuff last gen?
paying for the secret boss fights,weapons,back story's etc say in FFX?
Its just not on and it needs to stop before it gets worse.

Redempteur2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

It's too late .. the dlc is all over the place.. you can't stop it ..
i'd rather have innoffensive dlc , AKA optionnal stuff that i don't care about than straight cut content from the disc

i'd rather have dlc made AFTER the release of the game than nothing at all or content cut from the disc.

burnout had good dlc, wipeout had good dlc..when dlc is good and it's made afterwards ( like Ultros or the Mass effect stuff in ff13-2 ) that was made after the game was complete. I have no problem with it ..

Fighting against dlc is pointless in the current times , so at least i can spend my money on stuff i enjoy especially when it's trully optionnal stuff.

Keep your croisade against dlc , keep talking against the current times. At least i can support a game when they do make an effort

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Eamon2428d ago

I wonder how Ultros will sound like...

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