Skype coming to the PSP - Proof

The CES 2008 website from Sony shows that the PSP will feature Skype support – something that is definitely not out today. The PSP video also gives the information away, although it shows up only for 1 frame! It's an interesting Easter egg and apparently, ubergizmo are the first to have caught it.

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Darkiewonder5260d ago

We know it's coming. They wouldn't be putting it on the site. UK got their provider, US and canada and such will run with Skype. Unless they plan to switch everyone with Skype.

Darkiewonder5260d ago

A free service that allows you to place internet to internet calls. offers a cheap rate to call online to Land line. they offer a telephone number that is somewhat like a real number which people can call anywhere in the world. [Fees applicable]

MaximusPrime5260d ago

i think it is like a phone but free to use. it uses an internet.

ebay is popular in communication using skype.

heyheyhey5260d ago

ahh the final piece of the puzzle in making the psp double up as a mobile phone- this should be great

TheTwelve5260d ago

This is really going to be great. I have plenty of international contacts and so I'm quite excited by this news.----12

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The story is too old to be commented.