E3 2012: The Year of the Forgotten and the Unannounced

Valete Graham writes, "It's fast approaching, gamers. Those feverish three days that send us in a tizzy is just around the corner. The annual gaming conference known as E3 begins on June 5. Although a trailer-filled and gameplay clip paradise for all, the main attraction conferences of recent E3 memory have been begrudgingly lackluster and have failed to genuinely shock or surprise the gaming public. Last it was the Year of the Sequel it seemed, with all major franchises announcing follow-ups to the biggest names in gaming. Sony's NGP, or Vita as it was subsequently revealed, was barely a shocker worth leaking to the public. And with all the would-be major announcements being leaked to the public already, one has to wonder what is left to announce at this year's E3? Let’s dig into what we know first and go from there."

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AmaZinG2407d ago

i need a countdown for my desktop

VanillaBear2407d ago

I hope they keep unannounced games as surprizes

It feels like the past 2 years E3 has just been about showing off a new trailer of already announced games....with a few new games announced here and there.

The Last of Us, GTA5, Halo 4, Bioshock Infinite, Epic Mickey 2, a new COD which will be announced before E3 anyway

I want to see things like Half life 3, Battlefront 3, God of War 4, Dead Space 3, Fallout 4, Jak 4, Beyond Good and Evil 2 being announced.

Disccordia2406d ago

Maybe some of those mia ps3 games will finally get a showing. I've been waiting long enough!

Final Fantasy Versus 13
Final Fantasy 14
The Last Guardian
8 Days

ShaunCameron2406d ago

I wanna know how far in its development is that new Sly Cooper game. It looks like Sanzaru is gonna do Sucker Punch proud.