Video games to be censored in India

The I&B ministry has finally heeded to pleas by parents to censor all graphic computer games. This basically means that computer games with too much blood and gore will not be made available for children. Same goes for those games which involve 'prizes' like virtual sex with a girl if you clear a certain level.

"Parents have been voicing their concerns against such computer games for a long time now. We decided it's high time we introduce censorship in computer and video games," says a source in the I&B ministry.

The draft bill being considered by the ministry also proposes that the Censor Board do this job and certify an age-limit for kids accessing particular video games. The Censor Board might also reserve the right to reject a video game if it is 'unsuitable' for an Indian audience.

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IGNFTW4032d ago


aba4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I'd worry about bride burning before I worried about censoring video games.

EDIT: Don't have 1/100th the violence or sexual lewdness huh? Yeah don't think so. Burning people alive isn't accepted social behavior over here like it is in India, so you lose there. As for the lewdness, the U.S. is pretty uptight about sex. So your wrong there as well. Maybe you should "think before writing" huh?

sajj3164032d ago

Classy comment. Sir, I ask that you think before writing. Being Indian but born and raised in the US, I can assure you that my home country does not have 1/100th the violence or sexual lewdness that the US displays almost daily. Every culture and country has their negatives. I also agree that games don't kill people, idiots do. But, an idiot who plays games makes the idiot a complete immoral fool, thus the problems you see.

Capt CHAOS4032d ago

For an indian born in the UK I can only fully agree with you there.. India needs to sort out it's other issues first before even thinking that gaming voilence is going to be a factor. They can probably start with bride burning and finish with the ethnic cleansing (who forgot 30 people burnt in a church last week because of Hindu vs Christian issues in one state in India), there are so many other violent issues going on in india and we're talking about areas and parts that don't have telly's let alone gaming consoles..

Play B3yond4032d ago

OOOOUUUUCCHHHHHHH that really sucks to be indian...especially with GTA and KZ2 coming out soon

Capt CHAOS4032d ago

GTA after GTA 3 just wasn't the same, found it boring even..

Play B3yond4032d ago

imo the GTA series is very unique and i dont think any other game in its genre will top it

MK_Red4032d ago

More censorship, less freedom. NICE (Borat style).

mintaro4032d ago

feel bad for them, you know with GTA IV coming out and all