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The more you like Resident Evil the more horrified you'll be by this incompetent, lazy pastiche. If you don't care about the franchise then you'll hardly be any less appalled by such a boring and half broken mess.

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Rageanitus3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I don't understand these negative reviews... the game is TONS of fun. It seems these ppl giving negative reviews only give this game 15 minutes of play or are really expecting a classic resident evil game.

There are bugs but I've seen many more games with MUCH more bugsbut still get good ratings.

Based on this review you can see he is just a mad fanboy because he attacks the developer immediatly vs going into the game it self

ninjaman9993027d ago

I completely agree w you bro. Im loving the game a crap ton. And the MP is actually VERY tense which had me giddy since I sprinted through hordes of zombies so I could dive and shotgun my enemy and I was like <________< BEAUTIFUL

suicidalblues3027d ago

I totally agree. One of the better mp experiences in recent times.

R1CAN6173027d ago

This game gets 3's 5's and 7's yet Call of Duty gets a 9's & 10's
Thats why i never go by reviews

svoulis3027d ago

I have it, and its some of the most unique fun I've had in a while. When i see scenes from RE 2 and 3 i nerd all over the place!

Great fun!


i nerd when hunk visits the doc for the t-virus example, good memories

Drainage3027d ago

the multiplayer is fun and worth a buy if youre looking for some MP action . Lots of content, unlockables, etc.

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