Gamesradar: Ninja Gaiden 3 review

The Ninja Gaiden series is world-renowned for its unforgiving difficulty and reflex heavy gameplay, and for rewarding those with skill, tenacity, and buckets of patience since its 8-bit roots, and leading into its critically acclaimed 2004 reboot. Ninja Gaiden 3 takes a hard shift away from the series’ diverse combat, outrageous enemies and infamous difficulty, toward a more story-focused game. In removing the elements that made the newer NG games such standouts, it’s a disappointing sequel that feels as soulless and cold as the corpses of ninja protagonist Ryu Hayabusa’s victims.

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Frankfurt2497d ago

Another 3/10. LOL.

Here's a post from ViewtifulJC from NeoGAF. The combo issues alone put this right there with Enslaved for worst combat this gen:

"-Aiming with the arrows are a real gag reel too now. There's no thought neccesery, you just jump in the air, press L2 to aim(you can even hold it for slow-mo, for whatever reason), press R2 to fire, and soon as you land, dodge-jump and do it again. The game automatically aims at enemies for you when you hold aim. You don't even have to be facing the same direction of the enemies, the game will do a 180 for you and give you a perfect shot, leave your brain at the door.

-You have one ninpo attack now, this giant dragon animation that kills a few dudes on screen AND heals you completely. You have to build it up by killing people. You get to watch the same 10 second animation that happen the last 30 times you hit the ninpo buttons. There's really no incentive to even keep the ninpo, cuz you lose it after the fight. You can't build it up during some of the boss encounters, so the places where you actually WANT to use the "help me out here, game!" attack, you can't.

-STEEL ON BONE is a new feature, that's basically just OTs, but with more button mashing and its less reliable. Sometimes they come out, sometimes they don't. After the steel on bone thing, they walk around/crawl on the ground, and the game LOVES to aim Ryu at them instead of the actual enemies attacking you. [...] the enemies never try to crawl to you and kill you like NG2, it just builds ninpo.

-In-Game Tutorial/QTEs option is the same thing, so you have two choices:

1. Have the game always remind you how to wall-run, wall-jump, jump to the wall to kunai climb, do all that shit you already know to do, etc.

2. Turn them off entirely, then have to guess what button to press for QTEs. There's one QTE where you have to hold L1 and R1 and mash O to open a door. I didn't know that. The game won't tell you if you don't put on the in-game tutorial.

-Enemies just don't shut the fuck up. Every stage you'll get 6-8 lines the bad guys will randomly say every 10 seconds. I'M GONNA CARVE YOU UP KILLING IS MY BUSINESS KILLING IS MY BUSINESS I DON'T WANNA DIE, I DON'T WANNA DIE, HE'S CRAZY, I'M GONNA CARVE YOU UP.

-Every time the screen fills up with projectiles(as it is want to do with the Rocket guys on Hard), the game slows to a crawl.

-Ryu Hayabusa is more bully then badass in this game. There's this theme about the morality in all his killing, but its dynamically opposed to the objective of the game(aka be an awesome ninja who kills dudes with style). One minute the game is trying to make you feel bad about killing a guy who surrendered and starting begging for his life(not really a spoiler, its very early in the game), the next they're giving you this eleborate QTE killing another guy like "YEAH WASN'T THAT AWESOME!?".

-Add all that together, and then remember that the combat is just straight up BORING. Wave after wave after wave of badguys with the same moves and dialog, and you just mash buttons and dodge occasionally. It's more Dynasty Warriors then Ninja Gaiden, more concerned about throwing lots of enemies at you you then anything resembling NG1's finese, or even NG2's variety. You find yourself sighing when ANOTHER wave of enemies shows up, and if you're doing that in a Ninja Gaiden game, SOMETHING HAS GONE HORRIBLY WRONG."

specialguest2496d ago

Wow, another 3/10 score. If it's this bad, what will Edge's score be? A 0 out of 10? It would be so ironic if they gave it a decent score like a 7.

Tdmd2496d ago

Can't spell ignorant without... wait! That's not IGN!?