Put your questions to Bill Gates

BBC News, 2 January 2008 -- Bill Gates is to answer your questions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. BBC News invite you to send in your questions for Mr. Gates by using a form provided at the BBC website (via the source link below.) BBC will pick a selection of the best questions, and the answers will be posted on the website and broadcast on BBC News.

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pwnsause4575d ago

Why Dont you give up on HD-DVD, you know its a dying format

Love, Pwnsause

Forbidden_Darkness4575d ago

why did you make such a crappy console?

Capt CHAOS4575d ago

because we knew for a fact that it'd still be better than the PS3 or the Wiiiii

nix4575d ago

Because we knew there are great human beings like Capt CHAOS who will defend us no matter what! Thanks Capt CHAOS! MS loves you!

Mr PS34575d ago

Do you lie in bed at night laughin your ass off at the xbots !! knowing fine well you could put any old crap out there on the market and these nuts would buy it !!
Hang on you already done that with the xbox

Rattles4575d ago

why are you trying to ruin console gaming?

socomnick4575d ago

How is he ruining console gaming lol The xbox 360 is the best console I ever had yes even better than the ps2.

Mr Marbles4575d ago

The 360 is the best console ever, and it is still a young console, imagine when the price drops to 199 and 20 games a month are dropping on the thing! After all, it has the greatest attach rate ever.

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