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turokgames2403d ago

Actually doesn't look bad.

NiKK_4192402d ago

Yeah, after playing Sam & Max this is kind of what I expected. Whoever is playing is pretty slow on the joystick, though.

Whore_Mouth2403d ago

Reminds me of "Clocktower". I hope this game is fun.

LOL_WUT2403d ago

Looks interesting i got scared a few seconds into this video it was pretty loud.

MeatAbstract2403d ago

Looks ok, would like to try a demo.

Thankfully it doesn't look like it'll be like the first half of season 2 which consisted of the survivors stood around the farm having a good bitch at each other with a walker showing up every couple of episodes to break up the tedium or them bitching about Sophia.

turokgames2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

The first half of season 2 was annoying... @below: The ending did.

PersonaCat2403d ago

I believe the ending more than made up for the first half of the season lol

JeffGUNZ2403d ago

I thought the entire season was great. You really got to invest in some of the characters, such as Hershel. I know killing zombies is great and all, but it makes it more of a real feeling when you are trying to watch this small group of people find sanity and a place to rebuild their lives. SPOILER: The end of the season was a great end to it, showing that the last place they had to realistically start a new life was overtaken in a matter of minutes. Hershel not wanting to leave his farm personifies his belief that if he lost that farm, they lost everything. Rick saving his life brought Hershel to the realization of how Rick is their savior and he can take some of that "survivor" burden of his shoulders.

Rick as become so bad ass the last two episodes and the farm being overrun with his wife, child and unborn child losing what he believed to be there future has turned him into a pure survivalist and it's amazing. I can't wait for next season!

Getowned2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I agree 100% I even loved the "boring farm parts" it did feel a bit like filler but it was good filler.

Did the unborn baby really die ? I know she took the pills and then puked them up but I don't remeber her losing it.hmm have to rewatch it.One thing I hate is how we have to wait until October to see the next episode...I hope im wrong :( anyone know or am I sadly right ?

I think I might check out the commics, I have never liked a TV show as much as I like the walking dead everyone talks about it and I hear people walking in the street and at school, the stores everywhere and everyone seems to love it. I'm glad it's becoming a huge hit and the acting is grea,t the charators and really believeable imo it's all very well done.

RIP Dale :(

JeffGUNZ2401d ago

I have a feeling the baby will be born a zombie. I have no idea, but it's just a feeling. The baby as far as I know is still alive.

BitbyDeath2402d ago

The second season is a million times better than the first season though.
Absolutley hated the first season, full of sterotypes, bad acting and just plain bad writing.

The whole thing just went nowhere and was a series of loose ends. What happened to the black guy and his kid, they quickly wrote out Merle. Research Lab scene was crap, other families in the abandoned warehouse went nowhere. It's like they wanted to go in a different direction with each episode.

Season 2 has totally turned it around though. Can't wait for 3.

MeatAbstract2402d ago

The first six episodes were slow though. I love a good drama show and never expected it all to be 'action action action!'.

But lets face it, even when they tried to develop characters in tht first half of season 2, they failed. There were very few characters I actually thought were interesting and many of the attempts to give a more in depth look at the survivors just failed in my opinion.

BlackTar1872402d ago

I loved season 1 and season 2.

everything about that except the inconsistency with the intelligence of the zombies

jon12342403d ago

cool, looks like the back to the future games, hopefully this is one full game and not episodes

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