Marvell announces "Industry's first" 450 Mbps 802.11n chip

Chip maker Marvell looks to have gone into full-on bragging mode today, with it announcing what it claims to be the "industry's first" 802.11n chip that operates at 450 Megabits-per-second. Dubbed the Marvell TopDog 11n-450, the chip is a 90-nanometer, 3x3 WLAN solution with three spatial streams, which the company helpfully informs us is more than eight times faster than plain old 802.11g 54 Mbps offerings, and 1.5 times faster than current 802.11n 300 Mbps options -- in theory, at least. What's more, the TopDog chip also promises a 500% range increase over 802.11g, and a still decent 160% increased range over other 802.11n solutions. While those numbers have obviously yet to be put to the test (by someone other than Marvell, that is), that detail should be able to be taken care of soon enough, as the chips are set to begin shipping in volume sometime next quarter -- and, of course, they'll be on display at CES as well

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Kakkoii4034d ago

Would love to see this new wireless in our wireless gadgets.

Longer signal distance for your Wifi?

Yes please.

gta_cb4034d ago

and maybe this would help finally making a better quality standard to go against Ethernet, i know some people still like to think that wireless is a better QUALITY type of device then Ethernet, but it isnt. especially with gigabit connection.

but still with some computers in my house far away from the wireless router (which has to stay in the same room as my Xbox 360/ PS3 :p this would help with loading times etc :D i just hope its not too expensive but whatever happens this should help with the prices of the "802.11n solutions" which wow are deff expensive at the moment :(