Mass Effect 3′s Ending Sucks, So We Came Up With New Ones!

Thankfully, no spoilers are in the post.

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Pintheshadows2497d ago

You know the tagline for Mass Effect 3, 'Take Earth Back', it just occured to me that we didn't get to do that. And Shepard never appears in a field of wilted daisies in the game either.

Deputydon2497d ago

The ending didn't suck, it just didn't make it quite clear enough that Shepard was indoctrinated.

crxss2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

it's not an indoctrination. people need to stop trying to find a reason to make the ending sound better than it really is. the ending was terrible, get over it.

if it was an indoctrination then that means bioware gave us a game without an actual ending. what happens after shepard wakes up (breaks out of the indoctrination)? he still has to destroy the reapers...

if bioware comes out with DLC proving that it's an indoctrination then not only did they give us day 1 DLC majorly found on the disc, but also a $60 without a conclusive ending.

Deputydon2496d ago

Regardless, there are far too many things that add up to the indoctrination ending. Even if Bioware DIDN'T write it with that in mind, all the fails add up to that ending. If you actually look up the videos that explain it, it's pretty convincing. Why else would the only ending that shows Shepard breathing be the ended that ultimately defied the Reapers.