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GamingUnion: "Final Fantasy XII does so much to reinvent the JRPG template that it hardly belongs in the same genre, much less part of the Final Fantasy series. Concepts like the "field map" and 'battle scenes' have all been blended together into a more cohesive whole."

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richierich2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Im a huge Final Fantasy fan (well I used to be) but FF12 and 11 are the only ones in the series I never bothered finishing. FF11 was too time consuming and FF12's battle system just didnt work out as good as the turn based system

Kamikaze1352497d ago

One does not simply "finish" an MMORPG.

killerhog2496d ago

@richierich I stopped after 8. I played 4, 6, and 8. seen my brother play the others and wasnt interested. Although I have FF-IX, X, and XII in my room. we (that's including my bro) skipped XIII & XIII-2

Yeah you can, by reaching the point you want to reach.

Kamikaze1352496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


That doesn't mean you finished it. There is always something to do. Being done with it and finishing it are two different things. I can be finished with Final Fantasy XI in a week. That doesn't mean I actually finished it since there is always something to do.

Godmars2902497d ago

Despite Fran's ass, I got bored with it.

Magnus2496d ago

I tried to give 12 a run but I got bored of it just like I got bored of 13. In my eyes FF12 was when the series went down hill to me when I put it in my PS2. It lost its lust that I got when it was a new Final Fantasy game I couldn't relate to the characters and it felt stale. I actually prefered FF10 there are fans out there who like FF12 but I don't I traded the game in a long time ago and stuck to Xenosaga and Ar Tonelico.

killerhog2496d ago

For me, FF-X where it got lame.

Outside_ofthe_Box2496d ago

I enjoyed 12, though it is a step back from the previous titles. It's better than 13 and 13-2 IMO.

Tigerfire2496d ago

12 was freaking badass in my opinion.

Bimkoblerutso2496d ago

Yeah it was great, I agree. Most hardcore FF fans apparently couldn't appreciate the lack of melodrama and romance, but I loved the fantasy politics of it all.

And ironically, when all's said and done, the battle system is not that far removed from previous entries.

HeavenlySnipes2496d ago

The change from the 'destined hero saves the day from big bad guy" story that FF players loved in FFVII,IX, and X was refreshing. All the party members except Penelo were equally important, yes Ashe was the only one who could use the stones but all the characters contributed equally. Also the voice acting was TOP NOTCH and the many side missions and the humongous world makes it the best FF game to date for me

Outside_ofthe_Box2496d ago

"And ironically, when all's said and done, the battle system is not that far removed from previous entries."

Exactly. Apart from the auto nature of the battle system it was pretty much like the old FF games, but happening in real time.

That is what I think the future FF titles should be like. Turn-Based, but happening in real time.

SandwichHammock2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

MY favorite FF actually.

I would love to see it remastered for PSV but I very much doubt that. Sony/Squarenix could always just release it as a PS2 classic and have those be playable on PSV. Still remember playing it and encountering Omega for the first time and beating her with that coin toss skill. Cost me 400k+ if I remember correctly.


NegativeCreep4272496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

and was totally blackballed. The Gambit system was not "convoluted" or "confusing" like so many members of the gaming media painted it as. It was different, and sometimes different is good, and sometimes going against the grain (i.e. not following popular web opinions and buying into all the criticism) works out best.

I put in over 55 hours into that game. To be honest, If my Slim PS3 could play my old PS2 games, I would have gone back into it and tried to find and complete all the Marks.

There is one popular gripe about FFXII I will concede to though: Vaan sucks like a Hoover.

Bimkoblerutso2496d ago

Yeah, totally agree about Vaan. I read that the developers originally wanted to focus solely on Basch, but SE pressured them into creating Vaan because they felt their audience wouldn't relate to a mature, middle-aged man.

It's sad, too. Basch and Balthier are two of my favorite characters from any FF.

Jihaad_cpt2496d ago

loved 12 it was one of my favourite Final Fantasy games to be honest

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