Dark Souls: The Obscure Pendant

Despite the difficulty of Dark Souls, many fans including myself have been left guessing with one particular item in the game.The Pendant an optional starting item or later attained item in the game. So, what is the particular use of the pendant? The funny thing is no one knows exactly what it does!

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abombletap3029d ago

this game is too damn hard for way in hell i can beat this game..shit demon souls was hard.

Pushagree3029d ago

The only way to beat the game is to either grind by playing the same sections at least 50 times, or glitch souls to get to really high levels. I was able to do that before the patch, but even at level 300, the game was damn near impossible to beat. As much as I liked the game, they really did overdo the whole "make it hard" concept and it became a game that was just plain tedious and unfair.

garos823029d ago

got to disagree, used neither soul glitch nor crazy amounts of soul farming but rather learnt to use items,armour and weapons procurred from dead enemies. the game was never tedious or unfair, id say it was rather challenging and well designed.

christheredhead3029d ago

You don't need to partake in ridiculous glitches to beat the game. The standard flow of progression is enough to complete the game, without having to grind at all. Merely, you need to understand how to beat a boss/enemy and not just hack and slash. You have to block, roll, dodge and attack when necessary. Stick to those basics and the game becomes rather easy.

jerethdagryphon3029d ago

only one maybe 2 bosses were hard pre 1.05 patch but after those 2 become neigh on impossible on ng++

four kings and the pair were hard not much else was

HarvesterOSarow3029d ago

I've taken 2 characters through NG+ and haven't used the glitches or grinding beyond reason. That was before the patch. In my opinion, the patch made the game a little easier, and I was slightly disappointed. But if you can't handle the difficulty then why continue playing? From Software are great developers in enemies, levels, and character progression. Nothing about Dark Souls is "unfair". If you die it means you're playing Dark Souls, if you die repeatedly and don't learn from your mistakes, it means you suck.

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TheFirstClassic3029d ago

Is dark souls really that much harder than demon souls? I didn't think demon souls was too hard, in fact I wouldn't have minded more difficulty.

HarvesterOSarow3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

If you beat Demon's Souls then Dark Souls will be easier for you.

A couple reasons are...

1. You should be a master at From's combat system.
2. Checkpoints often.
3. Better blocking/dodging and all around hit detection. Demon's Souls was admittedly....a little jank.
4. Most of the bosses are easier compared to Demon's Souls, but some are harder. I don't think I got hit by any "Dragons" in Dark Souls once, but Smough and Ornstein are a real pain haha.

RXL3029d ago

beat it three times and loved every minute of it!

was hard tho..can't deny..

but i never had the urge to rage quit..which says a lot..

snakebite363029d ago

Now I'm very curious as to what the pendant does. I'm surprised no one has figured it out yet.

jon12343029d ago

i platinumed this god damned game! im done with it, i guess i should try platinuming demon souls....

dylandurden3029d ago

Somone should issue an official statement and publicly ask From Software what's the effing use of dat Pendant. Seriously, I've been dying to know since the game launched.

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