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GamingUnion: "The Resident Evil franchise, at its core, has always been deep rooted in the survival horror, but this is something that Capcom has been trying to change in recent years. Resident Evil 5 had a much more "action" feel to it, while the release of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D also showed that there was another side to the franchise. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City takes things once step further and not least because it's being handled by a western developer. It also takes the Resident Evil franchise fully into the third-person shooter genre and shows that the Resident Evil franchise just isn't ready for that, at least not in this form."

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mephman2403d ago

A rather poor game, but I think everyone knew it would be.

MrWonderful2403d ago

I'm enjoying it. Reviews are nothing but others opinions. I know its not the best thing on the market but it reminds me of resident evil outbreak but better

xPhearR3dx2403d ago

Agreed. All these 3's and 4's make people think the game in unplayable, or even AMY bad. Which it's not. It's perfectly playable, MP holds up well, and it's fun to play. It's not great, but it's not terrible. I'm willing to bet if the game didn't have Resident Evil on the cover, it would have scored higher.

MasterD9192403d ago

Is it worth opening up? I have an un-opened copy waiting to be played...I wasn't sure if I was going to return it or not given all the b.s. I've read on it today.

Soldierone2403d ago

Thats what Ive been saying on these reviews, especially IGN. By putting a low number on it like this your saying its as crappy as AMY....which was crappy because it had so many flaws and was literally unplayable and a complete waste of money.

Anything below a 5 should be like that. 5 to 6 should be flawed but playable, and 7 should be not great, but not bad.

suicidalblues2403d ago


Ultimately up to you. But I'm loving it, and have had no major problems with teammate ai. Occasionally a door gets crowded, but that's it.

I vote you open that bitch!

xPhearR3dx2403d ago


Hard to say. Some will love it, some will hate it. The only major flaws of the game is the story is short, it sucks, and the teammate AI is pretty bad. The controls, MP, game modes, stability, gameplay etc is all great. I'm really loving the MP and it's even better with friends. I think a lot of reviewers reviewed the game as if it was trying to be a real Resident Evil game, which it's not. It's a spin off, and they made that VERY clear a long time ago.

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Rageanitus2403d ago

its getting below 5's because it does not stay true to the nature of resident evil.

i bought it because it looked like a fun shooter, and it is as fun as binary domain