Sony Release A Browser Version Of 'Minecraft', Play On Any Website

Sony have released a free, condensed version of Minecraft which you can play in your browser over any website – you can see it below over IGM for instance.

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F7U122402d ago

checkmate MS, your move.

Moncole2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

its not Minecraft. All you do is have a pick axe and click the screen or you can let a Creeper explode

Just follow the instructions

My browser crashed when I turned it off.

F7U122401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

that's pathetic. lol

(couldn't be bothered to read article so I'll take your word)


last I read it was MS keeping MC from coming to the PS3...and that would be the only reason why I'd even bring them up.

TheDareDevil2401d ago

I fail to see how MS is involved in this, but yeah whatever helps you sleep at night bud.

TardcoreGamer2401d ago

Does this mean you can play minecraft on a PS3 now??

Lucreto2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I still expect a PS3 release 6 months after the 360 release. Notch has hinted to such.

The Witcher 2 will be the same.

That is the same site that leaked the 360 version.

M83_2401d ago

It's safe to assume that most things "exclusive" to xbox are just timed, bar forza,halo etc obviously.

XboxInnovation2401d ago

MS is so smart, they saw how popular Minecraft was on youtube and snagged it up. Sony was caught sleeping again, what else is new.

gtxgamer22401d ago

yet they dont sleep on the numerous exclusives that come out an microsoft are focused on kinect. yeah thats fun.

Blader232401d ago

gtxgamer2 - indeed my friend, Sony has bought 23 exclusive studios and they are continue to buy and microsoft is shutting down most of their studios... i dont know why MS would close down their exclusive studios though, i got no clue.

M83_2401d ago

I doubt it was the fact that Sony was "sleeping", its just that Microsoft offered money for it. Its not sensible to throw money down for timed content and thats why Sony has such an abundance of content whereas Microsoft's game library is becoming so stale and lackluster.
It doesn't matter how much money Microsoft is offering because it always comes to PlayStation eventually anyway.