13 MMOs To Look Forward To In 2012 | Leviathyn

2012 is filled with massive online games. Can you find your next fix in this post?

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ATi_Elite2402d ago

Guild Wars 2
The Secret World
Diablo III
Planetside 2 (more like 2013)

That's 6 of the 13 I'll be playing!! Good times ahead!

Razongunz2402d ago

diablo III is a MMO? does diablo III require internet to play?

chak_2402d ago

Sadly yes, a permanent one. But that doesn't make it an MMO mind you.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2402d ago


Visions of Zosimos isn't on that list.

On that list I'll only be playing Dust 514.

ATi_Elite2402d ago

Just when i thought all genres of MMo's have been made along comes:

Visions of Zosimos = an Alchemical MMO collectible card game!

Hicken2402d ago

Game of Thrones I'll check out, because I love the books.

Dust524 is too interesting to pass up.

Diablo III would have made my list, but that DRM turned that into a no-sale.

Chrono2402d ago

There are many great F2P MMOs coming this year that were not mentioned in that article.