Buying Games on an Unfamiliar System

Let's say you're a gamer from a previous generation and you want to invest in a new console or you have a new system and want new games, what do you do? Sure, if you're already a fan of a particular system you don't have to do much thinking, but what if you're not?

Take the type of games you are likely to see into consideration if you plan on getting a system and consider the system support. For example: with the exception of exclusives or exclusive content, the PS3 and the 360 currently have the same games. If you're more oriented toward classic games and simpler gameplay, with the occasional RPG, shooter, or multiplat thrown in, go with the Wii. If you're not a console person you can grab a 3DS, DS, PSP, or Vita (but let the current games and future support be the deciding factor for you).

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