Here’s Everything I Can’t Stand About Ninja Gaiden III

Chris Person: There are times in life when you shouldn't mess with a good thing. To me, Ninja Gaiden III exemplifies this. Why are there Quick Time Events in Combat? What's with all the cheesy British stereotypes? What the heck happened to the Ninja Gaiden I know and love?

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h311rais3r2400d ago

While its not the same as te previous games (sadly) its not terrible. I just wish it was either a spin off or a new ip...maybe a game as Hayate? Ryu is too bad ass for ninja gaiden 3....they toned him down as well as the difficulty...hard is tard easy

HarryMasonHerpderp2400d ago

Nice list,those british accents are terrible
and WTF metal dinosaurs!

BrutallyBlunt2400d ago

They need to make the games exclusive again on the XBOX 360, right N4G members?

GameOn2400d ago

It's not the console, its Itagaki