Critic vs Consumer, Who Should You Trust?

Everyone has their opinion, but why is it that one particular collective of gamers can hold a game in such high regard while another, well, doesn't? Critics Vs Consumers, who should you trust?

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PopRocks3592429d ago

Neither. I play it first and then I judge. Simple as that.

gamingdroid2428d ago

I pick a site that tends to reflect the scores I would give games and follow them. IGN tends to match my taste pretty well.

I can't afford to buy all the games simply to try it out. It would be nice if I could though....

Outside_ofthe_Box2428d ago

Yeah, I tend to find IGN's scores usually matches the score I would give the game. Though I don't use them as my only source of reviews because they can sometimes screw it up.

As for who should you trust? You should never blindly trust either one. User scores tend to reflect what the fans of the series think of the game while critic scores are more objective.

I personally never use user scores when deciding on a purchase.

PopRocks3592428d ago

The reason I don't do that is because I'm conscious of the fact that EVERYONE has different tastes. Even those who match your opinions almost all of the time will not do so every single time.

I'll let reviews help put things in perspective for me, but until I play the game myself, I don't feel I am at liberty to judge it for myself.

Reviewers can also lead you astray. Some sites would have had me miss out on Killer7. Fucking love that game, but the reviews (and sales) were lukewarm at best.

2428d ago
Titanz2429d ago

The best experience is to experience the games for yourself, but you also want to know certain things about specific titles. The best way to judge a game's estimation value, is from a gaming device's "top rated" section (I check game ratings on my Wii's Nintendo channel - so far, so good! xD).

gypsygib2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Neither should be trusted 100%, but consumers tend to be the bigger and more obvious fanboys/haters.

I don't see large numbers of critics giving a game 0/10 because it didn't release on their favourite system, but some 'professional' critics definitely do have clear console and franchise favourites that can inflate reviews considerably.

Not to get into the supernatural but I tend to instinctively know what games I'll enjoy simply from their previews and it's rare for me to buy a game I don't enjoy.

Critics might give it a 9.5/10 and me an 7-8/10 or vice versa but I've never purchased a game I thought was a waist of money. If I'm unsure if I'll love it, I just wait until the price drops.

I just use reviews to ensure that the gameplay isn't broken and to determine the length.

Bagogames2428d ago

Another thing I didn't cover, might do in a later article, is that some people think that a 6/7/8 score isn't good enough.

I mean think of the grades, and percentiles needed to get them, in your education system. If you were hitting 70% throughout you're pretty much golden. But in our gaming minds some of use see a 7/10 as inferior, even metacritic establishes a 7 as a mixed opinion for a game.

gypsygib2428d ago

There are plenty of games I own that I think are 7/10 (although they've been rated 8-9/10). A 6/10 is probably too low for me to justify a purchase above $10.

I think the majority of game experiences that are rated 9/10 are really 7-8/10. A+ should be reserved for absolute greatness.

For example:

Skyrim 8/10 (story and fighting is lacking)
Resistance 3 6.5/10 (ok shooter)
Pretty much every COD after COD4 - 7/10 (solid, nothing really new of previous iterations)
Gears 2 & 3 7.5/10 (2 had major MP flaws, 3 had major story flaws - still great games at times)
Uncharted 2 9/10
Uncharted 3 8.5/10 (gunplay should have been improved)
Crysis 2 7/10
Killzone 3 8/10
Red Dead Redemption 9/10
Batman AC 8.5/10
Battlefield 3 8/10
Infamous 1 8.5/10
Infamous 2 7.5/10
Halo Reach 9.5/10
ME1 9/10
ME2 7.5/10 (story very lacking and RPGs should have a strong story)

etc. (I own a lot more but don't feel like rating everything)


I base my opinion on how much fun I have with the game and how enjoyable it is to replay (I always play SP at least twice), which is why Reach is so high - the MP is ok but for some reason I never get tired of playing the SP - I thinks it's due to the quality AI and the absolute need for headshots on legendary - it makes you feel like a super soldier

DigitalAnalog2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Had I have the money and time to buy every game possible, then I would have no need for reviews whatsoever.

Unfortunately, in this day and age where we the consumers are becoming more concious with our purchases, we have no choice but to rely on the reviews whose job is accurately depict the very nature of the game to the highest possible standard. What was once seen detrimental to essential point to where a purchase is concerned has now been reduced to a matter of "opinions" worse off, becoming self-appointed prophets to the gaming masses to dictate how they should feel and purchase regardless what their initial impressions may be. Sadly, many follow their reviewers just for the sake of being blind followers or just want to be part of that imaginary group that is better than the rest.

Now we hare left with either to purchase-on-our-own-risk or watch would eventually be a painful array of self-egotism and importance in games journalism. None of which that could assist consumers purchcase in any way possible.

As for user reviews, they're just that. Barely anything worth noting for other than being the unofficial version of a website's already made opinion.

It's sad that only segmented videos or gameplay trailers of the game do a far better job in the determining factor a purchase than a so-called "in-depth review" system.

ElasticLove2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Simply question deserves a simply answer, yourself. Play what "YOU" want to play and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

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