First 30 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 |

Mass Effect 3 is here, and Commander Shepard is back in action. Join us as we play through the first 30 minutes of Mass Effect 3. |

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Kran2401d ago

Um.... whats the point in this now? :/ The games been out for a few weeks so... yeah. The demos even been out longer.

CrimsonEngage2401d ago

Who allowed this to get passed?

portugamer2401d ago

Great, when will we get the video ' the first 40 hours on me3'?
What a shame...
For the question above, well, I guess moderators and admins here, and the guys who approve the stories, on n4g, just hate the me3 ending so much, and since they don't want to be seen posting shit and bad comments, they just let these videos being approved, because its a good way to hit bioware.

All these videos 'the first x minutes' should be forbidden, for every game, specially when the game was released 1 week ago. If people want to watch some playthroughts, they just need to go to YouTube.

I have me3 ce, but haven't started playing yet. Sure, nobody forces me to watch the video, but still.

Really, n4g staff , mods, etc, who approve this king of videos: what a shame, really.
You should lose some bubbles, and be reported as 'incompetent'