Namco Bandai: An Announcement for Dark Souls Fans is coming...

Rich Bantegui, Namco Bandai Community Manager, posted a teaser for an upcoming announcement for Dark Souls fans on his Twitter account.

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NYC_Gamer2497d ago

I believe its a PC version coming

Nate-Dog2497d ago

It's possible, although since it says "Dark Souls fans" it sounds more like it is aimed at people who have played the game already, at least it sounds like that to me.

Reibooi2497d ago

Yeah but wouldn't the ton of people who signed the petition to get the game on PC be considered "Dark Souls Fans" as well?

Either way I get what you are saying but it could go either way. I would love to see a PC version but DLC is nice for those who have the console versions.

-Alpha2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Well I dont care for a PC version since I have the PS3 version, but a PC version with proper PC Support (mods) would be so good for the series. Either way, shut up and take my money!

Nate-Dog2497d ago

True Reibooi, who knows maybe both would be possible, I'm sure I read something a while ago about there being DLC in the works for the game, maybe PC gamers would get the full version and console players could obviously just get the DLC. (I know that's probably a bit optimistic but hey, who knows.)

Arnon2496d ago

Already own it on PS3, but I would pick this up again for mod support ;)

MAJ0R2496d ago

It would be awesome if it came to PC... Namco must know by now that they will make a ridiculous amount of profit by putting it on Steam.

Deputydon2496d ago

I would pick it up on PC for one reason alone. Lag free.

Both the 360 and PS3 version have absolutely horrible lag for me, to the point that I gave up playing online. I had lag in Demon's Souls also, but not nearly that bad.

I haven't played it too much since the big patch where they fixed the anti lock on ring stuff though, so maybe it's been ironed out a little bit.

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blackmamba7072497d ago

if it's PC version then high five for everyone who signed a petition, congratulate yourself

garos822497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

there was an article not too long ago hinting about possible DLC for this game. ive only ever purchased one DLC this gen but if this rumour is true this will certainly be my second day one!

edit:here the aforementioned article

Nevers2496d ago

I'm all for DLC!!!

Day 1 purchase!!!

davekaos2497d ago

PC version!! Fuck yes.

I was talking about this last week with some work pals and we all agreed that this and demons souls had so much potential on the PC.

For me its an RPG thats easy to get into and could easily be crafted into a MMORPG

smashman982497d ago

Has everybody forgotten which company this is

The same one that has ignored millions of other petitions id say dlc
Hell I think a sequel has a higher chance of being announced than a pc version

geddesmond2497d ago

Its the DLC that was rumoured a few months back.

BI0RAPTOR2496d ago

Would be nice but also I am optimistic for the PC users to get their game also.

guitarded772497d ago

Interesting... I wonder how this game would feel with a mouse/keyboard set-up? Anyway, excellent game I hope my PC only brethren get a chance to check it out.

yeahokchief2496d ago

@Reibooi If they really were fans they would have bought the game regardless of platform...

BI0RAPTOR2496d ago

You can not say that,what your saying is if they are fans then they should go out fork out 200 pounds for a console unit then another 40 pounds for the game.
Who as the money to do this just because they like the game and the dev want put the coding to PC.

aquamala2496d ago

If you are really a fan of the game , you would want to see the game in higher resolution and better textures.

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Hellsvacancy2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I hope its dlc not a PC port, i benefit then, screw the PC crowd

Edit: Xiren187 puts it better

NYC_Gamer2497d ago

Yeah screw other gamers being able to enjoy this game because of your die hard ways.

FatGayandbald2497d ago

How are they getting screwed,nothing is stopping them getting a xbox or ps3 n playing this.I think its actually the other way round, you must be a die hard pc fan to refuse to play this just because its on consoles n miss out on a great game.

h311rais3r2497d ago

You wonder y pc gamers hate console gamers...

MariaHelFutura2497d ago

All gamers seems to hate each other. You're all stupid and immature, if you ask me.

BlackTar1872497d ago

yea lol they hate them because of that LOL.

You know why people hate PC gamers? well lets just say the list is long and i don't have the time to write you a book. hell most pc gamers i know me included hate pc gamers .

MightyMark4272497d ago

Me want DLC than a PC port.

kevnb2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

how about both at once. they tend to do this to get the hype going for the new version. Now on pc with added content, which should also come to console for free.

camel_toad2497d ago

Id be more than happy to know non-console owners get to try this great game if thats the announcement but I would be even happier if its a sequel-related announcement - although it does seem too soon for such a wish.

Summons752497d ago

New game for the Souls franchise please, love me some demon/dark souls =D

garos822497d ago

i would be happy for dlc for this game but come to think about it (after reading your comment) id welcome a new game in the series with open hands and a massive grin!

ginsunuva2497d ago

It will be called.... Dead Souls. No, wait, yakuza stole that name.

How about Damned Souls? Doom Souls? Devils Souls!

Summons752497d ago

doomed or damned would sound really good and appropriate for the souls' series

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