GiantBomb- Street Fighter X Tekken Review

GiantBomb- Street Fighter X Tekken is a good example of a game with a terrific and exciting core that manages to get brought down by just about everything that happens around it. The fighting system in SFXT makes interesting updates to Capcom's 2D fighting formula that make for a wilder game without going all Versus Series along the way.

The characters from Namco's Tekken franchise fit into the action surprisingly well, with some updates to make them fit into Capcom's ways of doing things sitting alongside just enough of the old stuff to evoke the essence of Tekken. But it's only at its peak when you're sitting next to another player, locally engaging in SFXT's brand of tag battles.

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Boody-Bandit2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Sorry but this is a really weak review and screams lack of consistency with the gaming media. Yes the online has audio issues but that in itself is not a reason to give such a great game a mediocre score. So many other games this generation have had a lot worse online issues before being patched with the media turning a blind eye to it and scoring them 9 or above. I'm not saying SFxTekken should be rated a 9 or above but definitely not a 6 just because it has an online issue. <- That is my complaint about this score of this particular title.

Consistency sorely rearing its ugly head once again.
This is just like the media attacking Capcom for the DLC (disc locked content) which I feel is definitely needed and long over due but where is the bashing of every other developer milking the DLC train into the ground this generation?

Don't pick and choose your battles or you're hypocrites and have no credibility. Capcom will fix the audio issue just like every other developer fixed their online issues with others gamer post release.