Photorealistic Project CARS Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "I tell you guys, it’s all about lighting and textures. Project CARS had amazing car models with some of the best racing textures we’ve ever seen and the only thing that it was lacking was a better lighting system. As we’ve said a couple of days ago, the latest build features a new system and in order to showcase how close to real photos this game can look like, Slightly Mad Studios’ member ‘plm5′ captured some jaw dropping screenshots."

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ATi_Elite2497d ago

Project CARS is actually already available for enjoyment in it's Pre-alpha state! just keeps getting better every week!

dirthurts2497d ago

Wow. I don't think anyone can argue with those visuals.
Can't wait!

maverick402497d ago

they real, no way they are in game.

john22497d ago

pay attention to the grass in the Asano shot. You can easily notice that this is a texture and not real grass. Apart from that though, it looks mind-blowing

GamingTruth2497d ago

you have a hard time believing that graphics aiming for photorealism are ingame? especially on the "almighty" pc? lol

dirthurts2497d ago

If you actually analyze the graphics you can tell they are definitely rendered. However, it does look freaking great!
Having the game run full screen, I'm sure you'll notice the little things more easily, especially in motion, but it's still going to look sick.

caboose322497d ago

I think that's exactly what the devs want people to say.

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Plagasx2497d ago

Okay, when the FUCK does this game officially come out??

john22497d ago

Late 2012. At least that's the plan

Blood_Spiller2497d ago

Been playing the game for the past couple of months, if you want to get in on the action early on the PC just go and pay the fee to get on the team. It's worth it!

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