Sessler's Soapbox- The Future of Handheld Gaming?

G4- Thanks to a recent back injury, Adam Sessler was forced to spend a lot of time laying on his couch. Since it was difficult for him to sit upright, Adam spent a lot of time gaming on his PS Vita and his iPad, which got him thinking about handheld gaming. In this week's Soapbox, The Sess discusses handheld consoles, iOS devices, and how they factor in when it comes to gaming on the go.

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Emilio_Estevez2407d ago

I usually disagree with Sessler, but he seems spot on here.

MariaHelFutura2407d ago

According to the media handheld gaming is dying/dead...

Ironically, so is Console gaming and PC gaming. So basically, gaming should be gone soon. Who knew?

Emilio_Estevez2407d ago

Did you watch it? He agrees with what your saying and basically says the same thing. The vita is better for gaming than an ipad and consoles still have a place for games. And an iPad/phone can't replace them due to quality of games.

morkendo232407d ago

FK sessler and G4tv who watch G4 now days??

badjournalism2407d ago

He probably got his back injury from sticking his head up his ass.

Shivan2407d ago

he doesnt like any kind of handheld gaming

iamtehpwn2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Adam used to hair on his head, it seems it's migrated to his chin.

Nac2407d ago

I need buttons people!!!

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