Origin refunding Mass Effect 3 purchases

After having rumours going around of Amazon giving refunds to Mass Effect 3 owners who were dissatisfied with the game's ending, EA's Origin seems to be following the trend.

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Nitrowolf22403d ago

I wonder if EA is going to halt this, since well they are the ones who are running Origin

Fred-G-Sanford2403d ago

I'm still waiting to be refunded for my purchase of Haze.

solidjun52403d ago

LMAO!!!!! that's too funny. +1

teething2403d ago

I want a refund on life. Why couldn't I be born into riches? Screw working for a living!!!

joab7772403d ago

Lol. Steady u r comment makes sense. They played the whole damned game and this comment proves that they r only pissed because they loved it so much. Give me a break. I am very sad today.

jeseth2402d ago

This whole Mass Effect stuff is pathetic. This gen has created and developed the most whiny, spoiled, bratty, and childish "gamers" ever.

Its an awesome game. Could the ending(s) have been different? Sure. But the ending they chose, they chose for a reason .. their reason. Complaining about the Mass Effect 3 ending is like complaining to an artist because they didn't use the colors you wanted. But its not up to you, or me. They are telling their story.

Find something more productive to waste your time and energy on instead of crying over the ending to a freaking video game.

thechad22402d ago

this is america capitalism at its best. i hope bioware get class action law sued for false advertising over this. "in america if something sucks your supposed to be able to get your money back" Stan Marsh

darthv722402d ago

if they get refunded...what happens to their copies of the game? Do they become invalidated to prevent play?

I would think that would happen so people dont just complain to take advantage of the refund and then keep on playing like nothing happened.

teething2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The ending was TERRIBLE. It ruined my my entire mass effect experience with over 15 playthroughs of ME1 and ME2. That is lost time that is dead to me and I now have PTSD from playing the first games... because the end of ME3 was so bad.

I returned my game because the ending was so bad.

Oh wait... they are now going to fix the ending. But I sold my copy. Now I need to buy ANOTHER copy. EA/Bioware MUST give me a new copy for FREE because it was their fault that the game ending was so bad in the first place.

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morkendo232403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

wonder will this be END of MASS EFFECT series?? or all FPS games??

im wondering not saying it will be.

Kurt Russell2403d ago

Duuuh Mass Effect ain't a FPS... it's a Driving Sim! (>.>)

badz1492403d ago

I thought that it's a point & click? no?

Godmars2902403d ago

Actually thinking about, I hope it ends the trend of game companies from making whatever claims they want.

Seriously, Peter Molyneux shold be up on false advertising charges. Then there were Square's multiple advertising "accidents" with PS3 and 360 footage.

RedDead2402d ago

I dunno why him calling it FPS is that bad..compared to thinking this will be the end of all Tps

Ginn2402d ago

The "F" stands for "ferd".

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joab7772403d ago

I didn't want them to change the ending but now i do. I want them to keep track of who they refunded to and charge them $200 for the game when they attempt to repurchase it. And they will because they love the game.

gedapeleda2403d ago

It's a great deal game
3.send to ea:"I don't like it"

Raf1k12402d ago

Just what I was thinking. Nobody would bother pirating anymore.

Crazyglues2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Wow refund on a game for having a bad ending, Really? OMG!! I got a list of games that need a refund then..

I mean this is really surprising as companies usually don't give you money back because the game sucked.. -_-

This just seems strange.. ??? I didn't get the game but is it really that bad...?


mcstorm2402d ago

This is just stupid. Some people need to wakeup in life and see whats important. Just because you don't like the end of something dose not mean you should get your money back. its like going to the cinema and watching a film but then you decide you did not like how the film ended so you want your money back. Come on people wakeup. If you have got to the end of the game then you must of liked the game to get through to the end in the 1st place. But if you did not like how it ended then go and trade it in and get a different game that you like the end of rather than asking for your money back.

If I think back to some of the games I have played and thought the ending was not that good (off the tope of my head MW 1 and 2, BFBC2) I thought the endings were poor but that did not make me think I know ill take it back to the shop and say I want my money back as the ending was bad. I have only ever taken one game back and that was heavy rain but that was because I was having a lot of problems with my PS3 crashing when I was playing the game so I swapped it for a different game and got the game 2 months later when the patches ect were out and the game did not crash.

This world is becoming a sad and stupid place with what we can do. You can take someone to court for letting one rip in a small space, Get your money back off the bank that you have been paying them for years without moaning. Get money out of business for falling over in a work place because you were being stupid. Get a big payout for whiplash even though you don't have it and we are wondering why the world is in the stat it is in now.

BigPenguin2402d ago

You should be able to get your money back for a shit movies.

Keep in mind, its not the theater that loses the bulk of the money(they have to give the studios around 80%(star wars was 90%) of the ticket price for the first weekend) because they make the bulk of their money off of concessions.

The people it would really hurt are those putting out shit movies. It would raise the level of films that are being released, and that is something that benefits everyone.

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Snookies122403d ago

Wow... EA's giving refunds for its own game? Haha, that is pretty bad... I must beat ME3 so that I can see this ending that everyone says is so awful. XD

BattleTorn2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

and what were your thoughts?

EDIT: Yeah, I read the comment wrong.

Stephen55432403d ago

He said "I must beat ME3" so that he can see the ending. He has no thoughts on it yet because he hasn't beaten it.

badz1492403d ago

if the ending is what you're after, Youtube is your friend my man. no need to spend money on it and no need to be refunded either!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2403d ago

Why would you youtube the ending of a game you have...? Kinda kills the point of buying the game.

aCasualGamer2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Hey, you know what. Even though EA screwed up Mass Effect 3, I'm actually surprised at the generosity of refunding their customers. It's not often you see that from publishers.

Next time they should focus more on creating a game that fans deserve.

Topshelfcheese2403d ago

Maybe you should go make your own game and see how many people love it. The "my opinion is the only thing that matters generation" is crazy. You like it or you don't, you don't "deserve" a refund for services rendered

Lazy_Sunday2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

@aCasualGamer: I accidentally agreed to your comment, and just had to post to tell you how ignorant and stupid I felt for agreeing with you. The consumer shouldn't be so self entitled when the industry it supports is completely reliant on millions upon millions of dollars in risk with no guarantee of success. The games industry is one of the few industries left in this world that is willing to innovate because it knows the potential, and if you like that you should support it regardless of a shitty ending.

I hated the ending of I Am Legend, but I didn't ask for a refund for 30 seconds out of 100 minutes of great entertainment. If you enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and disliked the ending, then the logic is "REFUND" because you think your game isn't worth the $60? You're lucky to have the privilege that companies make these games cheap enough for you to afford. It's money that's holding back the industry, and this immature self-entitled attitude only slows down the potential of this great entertainment and art form. You're the problem.
Apologies if I sounded harsh. I'm not an asshole, just trying to inform.

aCasualGamer2403d ago


I'll support the industry til the day I die. I can't speak for anyone else, but regardless of what the issue was, refunding the fans that built up the success of Mass Effect in the first place, is a sign of generosity. It's rare that a big company as EA would just agree to refunds. They probably acknowledge the fact that they made some mistakes with Mass Effect 3 and that they don't want anymore bad publicity.

Listen, i think EA (Bioware) should have done a better job with the ending. With that said, i haven't asked for a refund yet and i won't. To me, the journey was too good for it to be ruined by a mediocre ending. I'm glad they are generous enough to refund those who apparently are "victims" of marketing fraud. That's their argument anyways.

The money argument doesn't hold. These games are 50-60$ not because it's a low price but because the return value is much higher when taking into consideration that millions gamers buy the games. If I'm not mistaken, Mass Effect 3 had six figure copies sold during the first week. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the majority of gamers are young with little to no finances, so 60$ is still alot of money.

I don't really care for the issues with the game personally, but I can see why some fans are greatly disappointed with it. In the end it's a strategic move from EA to refund, so that the majority of the bad publicity doesn't escalate into something uncontrollable.

neoandrew2403d ago

Not everyone, only haters, a tiny amount of millions copy sold.

kamruk2403d ago

I'm surprised the post is till up on the forums

Mystickay862403d ago

Finished ME3 and keeping it. A great game, minus the ending. Will replay with other import/multiplayer

kamruk2403d ago

You are right sir, I really loved how everything came together and that was the whole coming together of the trilogy for me. Of course the ending fell flat, but that did not destroy the entire experience as a whole for me.... still would have loved to see so much more different at the end :D i felt like i gathered the galaxy to fight on my own

Grap2403d ago

so u loved taking back earth mission?? wow

kamruk2403d ago


Errr.... I can see how you might have read it that way. No I didnt, it was a lame survival of waves, I enjoyed everything up to the end. and for me the end includes the take back earth mission. thats what i meant by "fighting on my own" the battle was not a bit epic and might as well could have been a sidemission

Mystickay862403d ago

I'm guessing the dislikes are those who hated the ending that much. Pay the troll tolls.

omi25p2403d ago

best of the 3 so far. If you ignore the last 5 minutes.

yesmynameissumo2403d ago

So the ending is shit and worth a refund? Wow.