Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks Its Way to PS Vita Today


Well, the day has finally come. We’ve talked about the many ways to play Sumioni: Demon Arts and gone into great detail on how the game perfectly complements the PS Vita’s many unique features, but now it’s time to see for yourself just how addictive it truly is.

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Oldman1003025d ago

"Just be sure you take some time to let us know what you “ink” once you’ve had a chance to “draw” some conclusions."

Oh ho ho!

Haha anyways the art style is gorgeous. I might give this one a download once I get a vita.

knifefight3025d ago

Sadly, the art style was the only thing I liked about it. I beat all 30 levels in what amounted to less than 2 hours. They're fun for like half an hour and then just get so dull -_-

I had high hopes for this. Ultimate regret.

3025d ago
Hicken3025d ago

I'm thinking of picking this up.

At the same time, though, all the FFs are on sale for PS+ members. I need to look through and see whether or not I have 1,2 and IV. Then I need to decide on Tactics.

Anyway, I'll still probably wind up giving Sumioni a try.