Dell XPS One (with Blu-ray drive): Cnet text & video review

Cnet reviews:

Dell offers four basic configurations for this new XPS One all-in-one system, and our $2,399 review sample represents the highest-end model. Complete with a Blu-ray burner, 802.11n wireless networking, and a TV tuner, it competes well against other higher-end all-in-ones, namely Sony's high-end VAIO LT19U. Overall, though, HP's cheaper, small-scale Pavilion SlimLine s3200t desktop and its HD-DVD/Blu-ray drive outshines any all-in-one in price and versatility.

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Rice4571d ago

I prefer building my own computer, but a pretty sexy thing, i must admit.

rofldings4571d ago

Wow, $2400 for those specs is a rip off, even with the BD drive + gimmicks

jaja14344571d ago

So I got curious

Intel G33 Express-around 130$
2GB DDR2-Varies but around 90$ average
500GB SATA 7200-120$
BR burner-480$
M/K-enh 30$
ATI Radeon HD 2400PRO 256MB-40$
PS-varies 25$ for good enough one
Monitor- Get a decent one for 150$
Tower-For- 40$ for this setup more than good enough
Lastly Vista Home Pre. 112$OEM 220$Retail.

So all together you have 1500$
Total saved 800$ for taking a few hours to research online and build the thing yourself. Granted your's will not be All in One, but is that really worth 800$?

God I hate companies such as Dell who rip people off because they simple don't take the time to understand electronics.

rich13er4571d ago

a Acer Aspire Q6600 Desktop for $710.00 22 monitor for 209.00 and LG blu-ray/ hd dvd -Rom drive for 229.00 totaling $1130 dollars. I thought It was apretty nice set up.

xsteinbachx4571d ago

ha im pretty sure we bought the same acer.. did it have the 320gig HD ?

i got mine for 650 (before tax)

but the kicker is i just saw it at another store for 500...

rich13er4571d ago

no it came with 2 250 hdd.

HarryEtTubMan4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

Im getting the next XPS m1730 with the 8800m GPU and quad core... gonna run Crysis and Gears like a beast

Im talking about gaming laptops... not desk tops... they havent even released the 8800m's yet and yea they are gonna run 10.1 dx through vista(yuck..thats the only way to run 10 DX because Microsft is a shatty monopoly) dude Crysis did even sale.... they wont be but 1-2 games for the 9800 for awhile... the 8800m wont even be out on the XPS gaming laptop for another 3-4 months.

XPS M1750 FTW... I don't even need my RRODbox ...I'm gonna run Gears 1 and 2 the way they are meant to run(Bioshock too....but I dont care to play that again)

xsteinbachx4571d ago

the new 9800's are coming out this year.. don't waste it on the 8800s.. especially since they can't do 10.1 dx

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