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Madcatz have recently become the next to jump on board of the multi-button mouse bandwagon and have released a version of their popular R.A.T range of professional gaming mice dubbed the M.M.O. 7, but just how does it hold up to the growing number of button littered mice on the market?

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acemonkey2403d ago

to bad i dont have a good pc or not into pc gaming...the black and red looks great

Boody-Bandit2403d ago

Nice review.
Well written and very informative.
I still have my trusty old faithful Logitech G9x mouse but with all the positive reviews this new mouse from Madcatz is getting, I might order one and try it out for myself.

I have tried quite a few other mice recently but I always find myself going back to old faithful. Will this Cyborg have the goods to finally make me give my G9x a rest on the shelf with my other forgotten perps?I think I'm going to order one right now and check back in later.

Anyone else that has this mice please chime in and LMK your thoughts. Author or members of gamershub chime in as well. I'm going to head back to your site and see if there is a means to respond under the article.

Tastynoodle2403d ago

It took myself quite a bit of time to get used to, and fall in love, with my Razer Naga two years prior to recieving this mouse. Within just the first day I could tell that giving myself the time to adjust would leave me putting the Naga back into its box.

I love my Naga, but the M.M.O.7 is just perfect in every way imaginable.

Boody-Bandit2403d ago

Good to hear.
Thanks for taking the time to responsd.

urwifeminder2403d ago

I need to get a new mouse getting my i7 2700k and fatality z68 board tommorow the build is starting woo hoo sick of waiting for new consoles.