2008 Overview - Nintendo steady, Microsoft fades, Sony picks up the pace

Mark Androvich writes, "Making predictions is a risky business - especially on the Internet, where every thoughtless statement can end up preserved for eternity (or at least long enough for someone to taunt you with it for the rest of your life)."

"Realising that I'm in a no-win situation then, I am nevertheless offering the following insights on the upcoming year. While reading, keep in mind that if I truly knew the future, I would be a lot wealthier than I am right now."

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lynx1halo4034d ago

hmmmm ... i actually completely agree

marinelife94034d ago

That sounds pretty cool an RROD tattoo. That could be then new Grim Reaper or Skull and Crossbones.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

if PS3 doesn't make up ground in 2008
Then they lost, it's as simple as that.

unlimited4034d ago

So many of the biggest games are cross platform that the burden will fall upon first-party software to capture the public's attention.

Sony got lots of first-party games and a few third party games that is exclusive this year!! Its going to a big year for SONY..

TANOD4034d ago

FF13 and
MGS4 are global PHENOM

you saw HALO3 impact

You will witness MGS4 impact which will expand to EU and JAPAN as well as NA

Ofcourse not to mention the GOD OF ALL GAMES OF THIS GEN -----FF13 will be unleashed in 2008 exclusively on the PS3

CeruleanSky4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Make up ground? LOL!

There are still some 120-125 million PS2 owners out there who need to upgrade to 1080p TVs and finish their enormous backlog of PS2 games.

The PS2 is still selling at an insane rate and it hasn't even dropped to 99 dollars yet and will most likely end up in the 150 million range when it goes out of production in a few years. Five to seven years from now when all of those PS2 and former PS1 owners have migrated to the PS3 and HDTVs no one will give a damn that back in 2007 the 360 was still outselling the PS3 in one of the three major console regions.

But, hey, I'm sure Sony appreciates your concern...LOL!

Xbox is the BEST4034d ago

I bought 3 PS#2 last gen, 2 were defective. So I basically helped Sony reached that goal along with millions of other people.

CeruleanSky4034d ago

"I bought 3 PS#2 last gen, 2 were defective"

Making up lies about other consoles isn't going to make the 360 hardware any less defective.

You're an embarrassment to gamers on all platforms.

FungLip4034d ago

I bought one 7 years ago and another 5 years and they're still up and running. I don't know; did you play swap-discs with them?

Nasim Shmee TANOD4034d ago


the list goes on

you saw HALO3 impact....POWERFUL

You will witness GeOW2 impact which will expand to EU and JAPAN as well as NA

Ofcourse not to mention the GOD OF ALL GAMES OF THIS GEN -----Halo 4 will be unleashed in 2008 exclusively on the 360

Xbox is the BEST4034d ago

guys don't have to believe me
Play Beyond

FungLip4034d ago

They're releasing this year? Thanks for the great heads up news, mate.

NegativeCreepWA4034d ago

I like how Sony fans cant accept the fact ps2 had laser problems for the first two years. The ps2 is the reason I buy a warranty with every console I buy. I got my third a week before the xbox released. I also had three xboxs, the last one died a month before the 360 came out. Next month when I can use my store warranty i'll be getting my third 360. None of my 360's died from the prod. Thats nine console's that all died from disc read error. What it comes down to, is ever since consoles switched to disc drives quality has went down hill.

The Brave 14034d ago

Did this guy just say that Gears of War 2 will expand in japan?Dude your smokin something thats making u crazy!

Greek994034d ago

You were helping sony by buying 3 ps2 and NOW your helping microsoft by buying defective 360 along with millions of other. Nice one.

dragunrising4033d ago

Your logic is pretty flawed. Sony has sold 100 million plus PS2 hardware systems...yes. However, if you look at the software sales data, 100 million plus consoles isn't making quite an impact. Many individuals are not that lucky to have one that hasn't been replaced (I own a two year old slim). Also, many people whom own a PS3 (like me) still buy PS2 games to play on they're new system. Take home point: 100 million plus people purchased a PS2 BUT many if not most are neither played (because of upgrade) or do not work.

You can be a Sony fanboy without being stupid.

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Meus Renaissance4034d ago

"The fact that PS2 software regularly charts above 360 and Wii titles in a lot of countries seems to indicate that a lot of people haven't made the switch to the new hardware generation - at least, not in great numbers. If and when these PS2 gamers "trade up," I think it is likely they will stay loyal to the Sony brand. That is, if they haven't become interested in a Wii or an Xbox 360 by now, they probably never will."

This is what I've been saying. The 360 is a great games console, has great games, great price, it's definitely right now at the top of the popularity brand (if you dismiss that Wii thingy), yet its current sales don't seem to indicate that those PS2 users are buying into it. Are they waiting for another price drop for the PS3?

Darkiewonder4034d ago


Price drop if it happens won't happen until 3rd quarter of the year.

Salvadore4034d ago

I believe the majority of PS2 owners haven't picked up a PS3 because they are waiting for titles like MGS4, FF12 and GTA 4.

Funky Town_TX4034d ago

was going to die in nov 06. Well, that is what millions of Sony guys said. The fact that the Wii (is was said to be nintendo's last console) is killing everyone says that most of us (gamers) don't know sh8t.

GIJeff4034d ago

lots of 360s did die in 06....
sorry, i just couldnt resist! happy new year!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

No one with logic said the 360 was gonna die on November 06.

If You remember correctly, the PS3 starting getting a lot of negative energy once the launch became clear.

Once the announced $600 price tag, everyone was saying they shot themselves in the foot, it's was too expensive, no games at launch. online service was crap. The onslaught started.

And people were right, PS3 was crap and Sony has had to work real hard and cut the prices to make up for their mistake.

The only surprise was the Wii, nobody could see it was gonna be this kind of success.

Now just by looking at the games and the price that Sony is gonna probably cut down to. Most people predict that the PS3 will be better off this year.

FungLip4034d ago

You made me laugh! great job.

SilverKiller4034d ago

in fact a lot of people said that the ps3 was launched to be doomed for the price tag, and now is selling pretty good world wide

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